Thursday 31 January 2019

The latest from Venezuela

This is the latest, albeif from an unfriendly source. I believe the last paragraph may be disinformation.

U.S. Military Aircraft C-17's Have Begun Landing in Colombia; Frequently

31 January, 2019

Word from South America is that there is now a sudden and dramatic "spike" of U.S. Military Aircraft landing in Colombia.

For anyone wondering this was what landed in Bogotá, Colombia a few hours ago. The C-17 Globemaster III is a large military strategic & tactical airlifter. Can carry up to 134 soldiers or alternately can transport heavy equipment such as tank/armored vehicles.

No word on troops or any other info, just a series of military aircraft landings. An amount of planes found to be unusual.

Here are some examples:

A C17, in the radar tracking map above, is a large, cargo aircraft capable of carrying troops and equipment.

And another:

This is undeniably related to the ongoing situation in Venezuela.


Unconfirmed reports: Relatives of Maduro, Major General Cabrera Romero and leader of the TSJ (Supreme Court of Justice) have left Venezuela (possibly on a plane)

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