Monday, 28 January 2019

Vanessa Beeley on the ‘Globalist Coup d'Grâce

Once again, Vanessa Beeley, in conjunction with hosts Basil Valentine and Mike Robinson provide essential background to what is happening in France.

Globalist Coup d'Grâce?’ hosts Basil Valentine, Mike Robinson, guest Vanessa Beeley
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21st Century Wire

This week the SUNDAY WIRE broadcasts LIVE with host Basil Valentine, and riding shotgun, Mike Robinson, bringing you all the top stories from the US, Europe and internationally. 

Listen to "Episode #265 – ‘Globalist Coup d'Grâce?’ hosts Basil Valentine, Mike Robinson, guest Vanessa Beeley" on Spreaker.

In the first hour we'll breakdown Donald Trump's latest errant NeoCon conquest in Venezuela ("take the oil!"), as Elliot Abrams, John Bolton and other Jurassic Bush era holdouts try to figure out how to cash-in on a Civil War in Venezuela. Also, we'll cover Roger Stone's bizarre CNN-FBI media event, and the official Skripal narrative is rapidly unraveling as we approach the one year anniversary of Britain's most zany espionage tale. 

Later in the first hour, we'll connect with journalist Vanessa Beeley to discuss the incredible events in Paris over the weekend, as the Gilet Jaunes aka 'Yellow Vests,' draw even more blood at the hands of the Macron regime, pushing protests into their 12th consecutive week - and with no sign of abating. What will happen next? 

In the final hour, we'll look at Basil’s Magic Roundabout, to see who's on and who's off this week, as well as a special tribute to one of music's great performers. 

All this and so much more. Enjoy the show...

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