Saturday 26 January 2019

Arctic, Methane & Earthquake Report - 01/25/2019

Here is Margo's latest report on methane in the Arctic and earthquakes.

We are recording methane data almost every day because the situation is developing fast and data is removed every few days and so needs to be recorded for later comparison

Arctic, Methane & Earthquake Report with Margo (Jan. 25, 2019)

Margo goes over condition of the Arctic, methane & recent earthquakes worldwide. Time is short - get your spiritual houses in order. God bless everyone. 

Power to the Truth! 


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Here is the BBC article from yesterday that was cited by Margo. It is major vindication and conformation what we have been saying.

Here is my short video covering the same period

By and large the data largely corresponds with the forecasts, as seen below

I must say I have not been impressed by the experts who refuse to acknowledge any of the research Margo and I have been doing but are confirming, referring only to NOAA data, what we have been noticing


The danger is that, as the Arctic Ocean keeps warming, large eruptions of methane will occur from the seafloor. Ominously, high methane levels have recently shown up on satellite images over the Arctic at lower altitudes, indicating that methane is escaping from the sea.

Here is some of the data Sam Carana quotes

Meanwhile there is lots of data from METOP-1 and METOP-2  that is missing. What are they trying to hide?

"2331 ppb. The NOAA professional arses do not want you to see what is happening from east of Greenland all the way to central Siberia. What ever it is, it must be bad, or they would not have whited it out pretending that the satellite is at fault."
---Joe Neubarth

It is the opinion of both Margo and I that data from 500 mHa (approx 18,000 feet) indicates how methane is pooling higher in the atmosphere. In the meantime the surface reading (1,000 mHa) shows what is being released from permafrost and under the sea.

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