Wednesday 24 October 2018

New information and some speculation on Jami-Lee Ross

Jami-Lee Ross: Is this how it went down?

In the absence of real information all we have is informed speculation.

This is from Henk Kruize via Facebook

Here is how it went down, according to my sources in the news media and ... certain staff of National party MP's.(and a little speculation thrown in)
Thursday Night: Peter Goodfellow *TELLS* Simon to silence Jamie or else his leadership is at risk (meaning he will be replaced!)
Friday, Simon phones Jami-lee's wife, who had thrown him out when his affairs become public. She was very hurt and angry and humiliated, so when Simon suggested she could have him committed, she jumped at the chance.
Simon then contacts a doctor sympathetic to the National Party cause and together, with Mrs. Ross' doctor, sign the papers that will send Jami-Lee to get "the help he needs".

The Police then visit Jami-Lee at his electorate office, where he had been living, and 'suggest" he accompany them to the Hospital or be arrested.
The rest is history. BUT... other sources tell me the ACT party will lodge a formal complaint over how this all went down. 

They are "pissed off" that the National Party can have one of its critics silenced by having him committed especially when the Police are involved. 

Unwritten law of media is that MP's families are off limits, all suicide reports are off limits (unless a coroner authorises a media report) and that any person committed... is also off limits. 

Simon has effectively silenced a critic and trust me... this is far from over.
The REAL shit has not yet hit the fan... lets just say that ACT will probably never again be a support partner to National

I have been staying out of the JLR saga but if reports are true that have detained a sitting MP under any circumstances they need to give an immediate explanation. Obviously these are unusual circumstances but police detaining a sitting MP is constitutionally serious.

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