Wednesday 31 October 2018

Focusing on the UFO pehnpmenon

I have always been somewhat neutral about the UFO phnomenon. I cannot dismiss it as easily as some can - “contempt prior to investigation”
They are already here”: UFO sighting in Rosanito,Mexico

This is from a UFO investgator. It could pertain to any number of things happening.
A UFO field investigator broke down over the phone with me. Here's what he said.

A few years ago I decided to finaly make a report on a UFO sighting I had a few years prior to that.

My case was interesting enough that I was asked for an interview over the phone to provide more details.

It took me an hour to tell my story over the phone cause I was still dealing with the shock to my system and my sighting wasnt your run of the mill.

The investigator was very professional and was wrapping up the interview thanking me for my time and participation.

Suddenly I wanted to him what I thought it all meant spiritually and I professed my Christian background before he hung up.

He paused, took a deep sigh and suddenly opened up. His voice changed and it sounded like he was near to shaking

"Ill just cut to the chase. and tell you the truth. " he said
"Were in deep serious times, the Govt knows, we know the truth and it isnt pretty. We dont have much time left. You have to draw close to God now. I beg you to draw close to him like never before"

He then went on to say how these ships were surrounding us in bases or a dimension he wouldnt detail. But he said there were hundreds of thousands of them and that they were attack ships with high tech weapontry that went way beyond our own ( they were created to attack us) And that these ships had weapontry known since even biblical times.

He said one date was already designated as our last day and that it was fast approaching

We both were emotional as we both knew in our heart what was true and what was to become of us as a humanity.

This was a documentary about UFO sightings in Australia and New Zealand made back in 1979

In Search of UFO Australia (& New Zealand) - Full Episode (1979)

I discovered this today

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