Tuesday 30 October 2018

America's protection of ISIS in Syria

USA Protecting ISIS in East Syria Committing Massacres with It

26 October, 2018

ISIS Terrorists in East Syria - Der Ezzor - Hajin - Euphrates - SDF - Soussah - USA - Iraq - SAA
The biggest farce in current history is that the USA has ever fought terrorists in its frenzy known as the War on Terror, which rather must be defined as ‘War of Terror’, instead.

The following video report by Lebanese Al-Mayadeen about the situation in Eastern Syria details more:
(Video also available on BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/xNDoUo7NsGzv/)
Video report transcript:

It’s been a year since the US Coalition targeted the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in Der Ezzor‘s northern countryside the bombing was repeated once again this year in May in the vicinity of Hmeimah in Der Ezzor’s southern countryside.
It’s the same goal: prevent the SAA and its allies from advancing towards East of the Euphrates to restore it and empty this ‘east’ from any Syrian military presence that would reconnect with the Iraqi borders.

Washington returns to the same scenario by covering for ISIS’s activities in order for the ‘organization’ to expand again in an area near the positions of the Syrian Arab Army in Bu Kamal which is waiting for its crossing to reopen with Iraq.
More than 40 days already since the beginning of the military operations in Soussah, Hajin and Baghouz, and ISIS is still able to block the Kurdish militias from storming it, moreover, these photos show SDF prisoners captured by ISIS after their attack against one of its positions, while the US fighter jets which were bombing the ISIS’s positions remained flying in the skies and monitoring without engaging to save its allies.
US military Humvee vehicles are now trophies in the hands of ISISISIS is still capable of sneaking into Kurdish gathering areas from its positions.
ISIS has prepared for a long battle.
US-led Coalition’s missiles only hit civilians, one American massacre after the other in Soussah and Baghouz and more than 80 martyrs, most of their bodies are still under the rubble.
There’s no time to pick up the body parts, the air raids do not stop.
The American resorted to their planes after they lost more than 130 of their Kurds militiamen in addition to 3 of their own (US) officers in battles against ISIS.
The news from the battles in East of the Euphrates tells of a slow advance, the true casualties of the Kurds and the Coalition is yet to be published, trying to shift the battle between ISIS and the Kurds to ISIS and the SAA has failed thus far.
The clash between the US and Kurds with ISIS in the latest Euphrates battles is inevitable while entering Hajin draws the borders of the area the Americans are seeking to threaten the land route connecting Tehran – Baghdad – Damascus; and to prevent the Russians from handling alone the political process based on new powers balance.

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