Monday 29 October 2018

Latvia buys almost al of its rye from Russia

Latvia Bought Almost All Export Rye From Russia

by Ruslan Ostashko

28 Oxtober, 2018

Latvia showed by its own example that the Russophobe only squeaks about the “damned Muscovites” while it still has something to eat. As soon as the food runs dry, he is immediately ready to skip to Russia, buying almost all the export rye.

Right now, after a rather long period, the behavior of the same Latvians who buy rye from Russia looks very strange.

Sputnik news: “Latvia bought almost the entire export volume of Russian rye in the 2018-2019 agricultural year, which began in July. Of the 110.9 thousand tons, 88.99 thousand tons were supplied to the Baltic republic, the Rosselkhoznadzor reports.”

In this blatant step from the point of view of the Latvian “patriots”, Riga was pushed by a record crop failure that befell the local farmers.

In Latvia this year, due to a long dry period, the rye harvest was significantly lower than the average – by 30-50%. At the same time, in 2018, an anti-record of rye crops was achieved in the last 18 years – only 5% of the total area of grain fields. Such a “double blow” compels Latvian flour millers to buy rye abroad. Due to drought, the grain harvest in Latvia in 2018, compared with 2017, is projected to be 23% less, including 33% less wheat, 30% more barley, oats 47% more, rapeseed 26% less.”

That is, if Russia did not sell grain to Latvia, then rye bread would have to be replaced with oatmeal, because the proud Baltic republic gathered an excess of oats.

A question arises: why did the Latvians, offended by the damned communist regime, decide to buy rye from Russia? After all, they are sitting in the EU, there are no internal customs barriers, the agrarian sector of the European Union, if taken as a whole, blooms and smells good. Then what is wrong? The answer is obvious – in Russia it is cheaper to buy it. European farmers work for a full-fledged euro, whereas our agricultural producers work for cheaper rubles, therefore this is clearly about economics, which as it’s known, should be saving costs.

But then the second question arises: what about political expediency? After all, all the nonsense that the Latvian authorities are doing, starting from the end of the 80s of the last century and up to the present time, is dictated solely by this expediency. What, when it comes to the stomach, the expediency doesn’t really stand in the way? Exactly like that, my friends.

No, I do not say that our farmers sold rye to the Latvians in vain. I support the domestic producers, and, of course, let them earn the money. But here I would put special prices in their place for Latvia. Yes, lower than in the EU, but not by much, but so that the benefit for the Balts would be minimal. They would still buy it anyway.

And also – our people would receive deep moral satisfaction, emphasizing that this price is specifically for those who prohibit the Russian language. But if you don’t want it, don’t take it, we have Arabs and Indians waiting in line. They will rip it from your hands.

You can’t, just can’t sell food to Russophobes at the same price as our normal partners. The Russophobe must be hungry, and he must know that this sucking feeling on an empty stomach was led by the previous tumultuous activity on the basis of hatred of Russia.

By the way, buying rye still won’t save Latvia from extinction. And when the last Latvian dies from alcoholism or goes to Britain for permanent residence in Britain, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if our so-called western “partners” concoct the myth that this cursed Moscow has changed the climate over Latvia, causing crop failures in order to cause the Baltic Holodomor. Seriously, you’ll see. After all, in Ukraine, this had such a success, so why not repeat it in the Baltics?

And the Latvian plumber will sit at his leisure and count the damage that was caused to his extinct republic and to him personally by these terrible Russians. They will next count billions, like the Estonians…

And next, they will try to fall asleep, feeling an unpleasant movement in an empty stomach.

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