Monday, 1 May 2017

The links between the elite and satanism

"A failed student in psychopathy" he developed a conscience as a result of what he saw.

A journey into how the world of the 8,000 people who rule the world live.

I am venturing into conspiracy theory here, Or am I? This is the testimony of someone who worked the financial system but whose conscience was awoken by what he had to witness.

I never ever wanted to go here but have been partially influenced by a friend who more sane than most but wants to talk about Malachi Martin whenever he can.

Ronald Bernard, the man whose conscience was woken

Watch this introduction first

Here is the whole interview -

For if there is only one 39 minute slot free in your precious time today, please take that time to watch this video, an extraordinary story of one smart young man with entrepenurial skills who was enticed to join the world of financiers who manage huge flows of money that circle the world. 

In order to agree to learn this new and exalted “trade” which would bring him much more personal wealth than his old import/export business, he was told he must put his conscience in the freezer and keep it there, 100%. Being young and foolish, he laughed and agreed. 

What follows is a riveting tale of how the money matrix world works, connecting the dots that lead from gigantic money flows all the way through to the Luciferian religion and its sacrifices of young children. As he says, he failed at becoming a psychopath. Why? Because the freezer broke down; he simply couldn’t stomach performing the murderous acts through which they would have blackmailed him, thus ensuring his compliance, forever.

P.S. I found this the other day. Prayers to Lucifer.

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