Wednesday 31 May 2017

United States now openly pro-terrorist


My readers should read Vanessa’s article below, in the “News and Comment” section, about how the U.S. engineered the rebranding of Alqaeda and then, managed to remove the terrorist jihadist cannibals from the list of groups which practice terrorism. It is unbelievable that a country could be so obsessed with a goal such that the means to get there could violate all the core principles which made that same country great. Whew!

HOMS:  Canthama wrote a lot about this in yesterday’s post.  It is true, the Syrian Army has swiped away large concentrations of ISIS and U.S.-controlled sociopaths from vast areas of the Eastern Syrian Desert, freeing critically important natural resources and denying ISIS any further involvement in producing fuel for trade with Turkey.

At Khunayfis, all phosphate mines have been cleared of terrorists.  The net result is the liberation of close to 5,000 square kilometers of land.  At Al-‘Ilyaaniyya, which was liberated from the Fake Syrian Army (FSA), south of Khunayfis, the SAA has begun radiating out toward Al-Sukhna which remains under ISIS control.  Al-Sukhna is a key jumping-off point for the Syrian Army if it chooses to encircle Al-Raqqa City.

Also liberated was the Abtar Mountains and the Al-Sawwaana mines.  Throw on to that Al-Baarida, Al-Busayri and Zaqaaqiyyaat Khaleel Mountain. 
But, even more impressive, was the Russian Air Force’s stunning annihilation of a huge convoy of ISIS rats leaving Al-Raqqa in order to further a plan drawn up by the United States to open highway access from Al-Raqqa to Palmyra.  The plan was not to destroy more Roman ruins at the ancient city.  No, all of this was a part of the project to install a vassal state that would be controlled by Kurd allies of the U.S. in order to prevent the extension of the natural gas pipeline from Iran to Syria.

The ISIS force departed Al-Raqqa on May 25, 2017 at approximately 3:00 a.m. local time.  Russia had received a heads-up from SAA-MI about both human intelligence reports and intercepted communications between American, British and Jordanian terrorist enablers in the MOK HQ near Al-Naseeb.  According to my sources, the U.S. promised to keep the SAAF at bay as the large ISIS force moved south toward Palmyra.  An agreement was drawn up between the RuAF and the Syrian High Command to permit only Russian aircraft to fly since Syrian aircraft could be shot down by the Americans if they were interfering in some farfetched and typically idiotic plan hatched in Jordan.  With the aircraft carrying Russian insignia, there was no conceivable way the U.S. could interdict Moscow’s airpower.

That left ISIS, on May 27, 2017, as an open target on the highway south just before Qal’at Jabal Jaabir.  Russian Sukhoi bombers unloaded thousands of tons of ordnance on a densely packed convoy carrying not only rodents, but large quantities of resupplies for besieged cannibals in areas, like Khunayfis, soon to be liberated by the SAA.  Aerial assessments and intercepted calls by ISIS rodent officers told a story of utter devastation and complete American/British failure.  It is estimated that over 120 ISIS rats were killed in the air raids.  Over 500 are reported wounded or missing.  Of the 39 pickups traveling in the convoy, 32 were confirmed destroyed.  All pickups were armed with 23mm cannons.

It is highly unlikely that ISIS will cooperate again with such imbeciles such as those degenerates in Jordan.  It has also become quite obvious that James “Mad Dog” Mattis is a pathological liar when he states that his war against ISIS is one of “annihilation”.           

أبرز التطورات الميدانية على الساحة السورية

While all this is going on in Eastern Homs, the Syrian Army has racked up startlingly formidable victories in Aleppo.  As of this morning the following towns, villages and sites have been liberated:  Al-Saalihiyya, Al-Shuhadaa`, Al-Battooshiyya, Jibaab Al-Mas’oodiyyda, Khazraaf, Al-Far’iyya, Musareeha, Al-Mazza, First Tishreen Farms, Al-Waasit, East Al-Sukkariyya, Bandooqa, Maskana Train Station, Al-Hameediyya, Dawr Ahmad Yaaseen, Al-Qaahira, Al-Boo-Maani’, Khaan Al-Shi’r, Khirbat Al-Sawda, Al-Himraawi, Maskana Cattle Market. 

This operation has stalled a few times, but, continued with forward momentum as of 4 days ago with ISIS fortifications pulverized by the SAA.  At the end of the day, the SAA has killed over 2000 ISIS rodents, and destroyed the following:
115 Toyota pickup trucks with 23m cannons

7 tanks
6 automobiles used to transport terrorist leaders
4 heavy cannons
1 main command-control center
14 separate communications sites
5 booby-trapped vehicles
The Syrian Army has confirmed the deaths of these terrorist leaders:

  • Abu Ayyoob Al-Sheeshaani (Chechen pederast)
  • Abu Ismaa’eel Al-Juwaymi (Saudi rodent pimple and legal “scholar” for the “Hatteen” group.  Hatteen is where Saladdin crushed the Crusaders on the Golan Heights after his sister was raped and killed.)
  • Abu Ya’qoob Al-Turkestaani (Turkman catamite)
  • Abu Ya’qoob Al-Uzbeki (Uzbeki bottom feeding carp and leader of Dibs ‘Afnaan area.)
  • Mahmoud Ismaa’eel Kawchak (Turk hemorrhoid and leader of Al-Mushrifa area.)
  • Ahmad Al-‘Uthmaan (Mufti for ISIS in Maskana)
  • Abdul-Rahmaan Miqnaass (a/k/a Abi Sa’eed Al-Sa’oodi.  He is said to be related to the House of Sa’ood.  Not anymore)
  • Safwaan Al-Dhayb (Iraqi toilet brush)
  • Abdul-Ra`oof Abu-Hinna (Moroccan Schmoroccan fecal week bud)
  • Abu-Rihaab Al-Sheeshaani (Chechen hog wart)
  • Abu-Yusuf Al-Ustraali (Some slime from Down Under.)  

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