Wednesday 31 May 2017

Promoting suicide bombers in Syria

When did you ever see any western material giving coverage to the real anti-terrorist forces in Syria or elsewhere?

Western documentaries promoting suicide bombers

Popcorn time!
Danish television tonight 'documentary' promoting suicide bombers in Syria. Amazing shit, I'm sure ??

Du må ikke græde – for så mister du blod – Reportager fra borgerkrigen i Syrien

Here is another

DUGMA: The Button

Feature - 58 min
An intimate portrait of a group of suicide bombers in Syria

An intimate portrait of four very different suicide bombers working for Al Nusra in Syria. From the Saudi who loves singing and fried chicken to the 26-year- old British convert who is worried about his new wife, this remarkable film embeds with an unlikely bunch of ‘martyrdom seekers’. As each waits for their turn to go on a final mission, known by jihadists as 'Dugma', this film lays bare the faith and doubt at the core of men who give their life for their cause

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