Wednesday 24 May 2017

Hanford update

HANFORD Accident #2 in 10 Days! + Ian Zabarte on Yucca Mt. Nuclear Desecration of Western Shoshone Land


New Accident – Radioactive contamination of worker’s clothes as underground double-sided tank containing 800,000 gallons of radioactive waste shows signs of failure.

Old Accident – May 9, 2017 collapse of 20’x20′ of tunnel over highly radioactive materials from PUREX facility now “remediated” by 53 dump trucks of soil AND a new plastic tarp held in place by cement blocks (see: featured image above).
This Week’s Featured Interviews

Ian Zabarte is Director of the Nuclear Oversight Project of the Western Shoshone Nation. He covers Yucca Mountain, Treaty law, and tribal rights. Native Community Action Council and the healing center Pooha-Ba, meaning Power Water.

 Listen to the podcast HERE

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