Thursday 25 May 2017

Ejected from climate change denier site

I finally take my leave of the (mostly) climate change denier site, Air - Climate - Energy after refusing to unblock one particularly bothersome denier who lives locally

In actual fact the deniers are not as bad as some of the abrupt climate change deniers

Taking leave of denier site Air-Climate-Energy

Polar snow and ice cover rarely cooperates, no matter what side of the warming issue you may be on. It changes so fast....

Winter snow and ice cover trend for the Northern Hemisphere has in fact been trending upwards since statistics started.....

And when one applies the 30-year weather mean used to define climate, the winter trend since 1987 is strongly upwards. So is the autumn trend. This 2017 winter was well above average, ranking in the top 10....
The last exchange

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  1. Interesting to see, that the actions that lead to your 'eviction' from the ACE site, where not that far off my own, when I was forcibly and illegally removed (as long term admin) by the keyholder of the group you still support - Earth wRecked, for attempting to enforce the groups agreed rules, which the keyholder himself broke through a series of unsociable and undemocratic moves. The keyholder is a patriarchal control freak and not to be trusted.


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