Tuesday 23 May 2017

Russian analysis of political schizophrenia in America

Spot -on comments from Russian TV’s Sergei Kisilev. Listen to Vladimir Putin’s hiarious comments and watch Lavrov’s reaction

Political Schizophrenia in America

Before the weekend, news came from the US that President Trump's rating fell to the historically low point of 38%. Though not so bad, the ex-President of France, Hollande, had less than 10%. Or the current President of Ukraine, Poroshenko, slightly more than 10%.

But for Trump, reaching this point is really a problem. And the word "impeachment" with respect to Trump, is already being used everywhere in Washington. And the White House lawyers began to study how it is practically possible, and under which conditions. In my opinion, impeachment is no longer a question of the future, but a fact of the present.

Trump's impeachment, de facto, has already occurred. What is impeachment? Discharge from power. Isn't that right? And is Trump in power, if not one of his decisions is passed, and all that he starts is blocked by the whole US government machine under the press' loud approval? All of his phrases are contested, his every step is ridiculed, and any step towards Russia is viewed almost as state treason.

Trump is left with only a narrow corridor, in which he can walk without fear. It's preparation for war, either with the North Korea or, say, Iran. Also, the increase of military spending.

Actually, that's all.

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