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Wahhabism in the United Kingdom

The Road to Manchester: the infiltation of Saudi Wahabism into Britain and the failure of muticulturalism

Ten years ago I criticised a friend for expressing anti-Muslim opinions and called heran Islamophobe; twenty years ago I attended a multi-faith meeting.

I still do not believe in the "clash of civilisations" but I have had to rethink some of these earlier views in the light of the situation we find ourselves.

Please watch these few minutes from UK Column.

These are not the voices of right -wing extremists or racists, but of people doing serious analysis. What is made clear by the guest, David Scott, is that Muslims from countries like Pakistan are upset by the infilttration of Wahhabism into the mosques and the radicalisation of their children.

There are similar voices in the film.

Listen to "the road to Manchester: the infiltration of Saudi Wahhabism into Britain" on Spreaker.

With the wars waged against Muslim countries and the bombing campaigns Muslims of various backgrounds have become increasingly radicalised leading to the situation we have today.

However, as the following documentary makes clear we have a dfferent situation. One country, Saudi Arabia, has been building mosques all round the world and importing radical Wahabi preachers into countries like Britain preaching a message of tolerance and mult-faith dialogue in public whilst continuing to preach hatred and the spread of Sharia law to western countries.

What was a warning back in 2008 is now a reality and has become, not a problem, but a predicament.

To illustrate that it is impossible to say in 2017 what was still possible in 2008, in the wake of the London bombings, the documentary, made by Britain's Channel 4 has been removed from its website.

To illustrate that it is impossible to say in 2017 what was still possible in 2008, in the wake of the London bombings, the documentary, made by Britain's Channel 4 has been removed from its website.

Undercover Mosque - 
What is Really Happening in Mosques in UK?

A year-and-a-half after the critically acclaimed film Undercover Mosque was first screened, Dispatches goes undercover again to see whether extremist beliefs continue to be promoted in certain key British Muslim institutions.

Undercover Mosque: The Return

A year-and-a-half after the critically acclaimed film Undercover Mosque was first screened, Dispatches goes undercover again to see whether extremist beliefs continue to be promoted in certain key British Muslim institutions. The film also investigates the role of the Saudi Arabian religious establishment in spreading a hard-line, fundamentalist Islamic ideology in the UK - the very ideology the Government claims to be tackling.

A female reporter attends prayer meetings at an important British mosque which claims to be dedicated to moderation and dialogue with other faiths. She secretly films shocking sermons given to the women-only congregation in which female preachers recite extremist and intolerant beliefs. As hundreds of women and some children come to pray, a preacher calls for adulterers, homosexuals, women who act like men and Muslim converts to other faiths to be killed, saying: "Kill him, kill him. You have to kill him, you understand. This is Islam."

Worshippers are repeatedly told they must lead separate lives from non-believers and not tolerate other religions. Christian teachings are described as "vile and disgusting, an abomination." And at private, invite-only prayer meetings linked to the mosque, the reporter films the leading preacher from the women's prayer circle issuing strict dictats on women's personal freedoms - decreeing they must not travel far without a male member of the family to escort them, and instructing them not to integrate with British society or work in a non-Islamic environment.

In the same mosque, the reporter visits the bookshop and discovers books and DVDs still on sale, promoting extremist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic and intolerant messages. Unbelievers ('kuffaars') are described in one DVD as: "Evil, wicked, mischievous people - you can see the evil in their face". Whilst Jews, "have abominated, filthy, disgusting gross belief - their time will come like every other evil person's time will come." Moderate Muslims and Islamic academics tell Dispatches they reject and condemn these teachings. Dispatches traces the links between the teachings and materials at the mosque and the Saudi Arabian religious establishment, and examines the extent to which Saudi Arabia exports such teachings around the world through the funding of literature, schools, mosques and other organisations.

Dispatches also interviews a former teacher at a Saudi-run faith school who describes how the official Saudi educational curriculum was taught in the school. He shows Dispatches official Saudi textbooks from the school which featured anti-Semitic and anti-Christian teachings.

As part of the investigation, the undercover reporter also films inside a key Saudi-funded Muslim organisation which claims to promote tolerance and integration yet distributes literature which promotes intolerance for non-Muslims, an extreme version of Sharia law and teachings which support discrimination against women.

The Government claims Saudi Arabia is its partner in tackling extremism, but a former Foreign Office Minister tells Dispatches he believes the Government should take a stronger line. The film also features interviews with Islamic academics who condemn these messages of intolerance and segregation and warn of the impact this version of Islam is having on British society. One imam at a leading university accuses the Saudi religious establishment of the: "distortion of Islam itself, the abuse and misuse of this great faith of mine and not only mine but of my children as well."

Part one - Men

Part two

Choudary is in jail but it turns out he has been protected by M15 and there is a relationship between these preachers and the security services who appear to be partially protecting them.

Here Anjem Choudary in his own words

Focusing on Anjem Choudary

"On 5 August 2015, Choudary was charged with one offence under section 12 of the Terrorism Act 2000 for inviting support of a proscribed organisation, namely Islamic State, between June 2014 and March 2015.[78][79] An expected trial date of 7 March 2016 was given,[80] but the trial was postponed to 27 June 2016, and was expected to last no more than four weeks.[81] Choudary was convicted on 28 July 2016.[9][82] On 6 September 2016, he was sentenced to five years and six months' imprisonment, the trial judge telling him that he had "crossed the line between the legitimate expression of your own views and a criminal act"

"On March 30, 2017, Choudary was declared a Specially Designated Global Terrorist by the United States Department of State.[84] The designation blocks his assets and prohibits him from engaging in trade or financial transactions with U.S. Persons."

UK hate preacher 'Anjem Choudary' agrees, validates and backs up the terrorist actions of ISIS

22 August, 2016

Counterterrorism officers were repeatedly blocked by British security service MI5 from pursuing criminal investigations against Britain’s highest-profile radical preacher, Anjem Choudary, it has been claimed.

Last week, Choudary was found guilty of supporting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL), which seized territory in Iraq and Syria and inspired terrorist attacks across Europe.

Following his conviction, it was revealed that the 49-year-old former lawyer had been linked to at least 15 terrorist plots since 2001. Police also believe he has connections to as many as 500 of the 850 young British Muslims who have traveled abroad to join IS.

According to the Telegraph, counter-terrorism officers often felt they had enough evidence to build a case against the cleric, only to be told to hang fire by MI5 because he was crucial to one of their ongoing investigations.

The situation led to a build-up of tension between the two sides, with police feeling “frustrated” that Choudary was not being brought to justice, a source told the newspaper.

He was eventually prosecuted after swearing an oath of allegiance to IS and posting YouTube videos in which he praised the group.

One counterterrorism source says the decision not to prosecute him earlier came from MI5.

I am gobsmacked that we allowed him to carry on as long as he did. He was up to his neck in it, but the police can’t do full investigations on people if the security service say they are working on a really big job, because they have the priority,” he told the Telegraph.

That is what they did constantly. While the police might have had lots of evidence, they were pulled back by the security service because he [Choudary] was one of the people they were monitoring.

It was very frustrating and did cause some tension, but we were told we had to consider the bigger picture.”

Security expert Will Geddes said while police and security services had a good record of working together, there was often a difficult balance to strike between prosecuting evidence and gathering intelligence.

Whilst the cops always want the collars the spooks want the information and it is a challenge getting the right balance.

Choudary was certainly clever and knew where the line was, and that was part of the reason it took so long to get him. But it was certainly possible that MI5 wanted to continue to monitor him because he was the focal point of so much,” Geddes told the Telegraph.

Given how influential he was in terms of setting up the forums for those guys to get inspired, it made perfect sense for the intelligence agencies to say ‘we haven’t exhausted this yet.’

In the end though he got caught because he believed his press too much and he got carried away by his own media profile."

Choudary faces up to 10 years in prison when he is sentenced on September 6.


A hyper-propagandized war image goes viral in the West, while a preacher implicated in terror plots was ‘protected’ by MI5 – two narratives, both reflecting the ‘humanitarian’ and ‘radicalization’ guises of NATO’s international security syndicate.

Another whole aspect of this is the support  of the destruction of Gadaffi's Libya and the blowback - Britain is seeing the consequences of its past actions.

Terror attack puts focus on failed state whose troubles have been overshadowed by Syria

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