Monday, 22 May 2017

Guy McPherson's Missouri presentation

I have, this week, been directly explosed to egregious abrupt climate change denial. In NZ we're into full denial mode.

It has been my turn to experience directly what others have experienced previously.

So never have I been more pleased to listen to an up-to-date presentation by the good professor, Guy McPherson and reliable information that is backed up with citations of reseach from scientific literature rather than hubris ("we're scientists, rely on us - we'll tell you want we think you need to know")

Abrupt Dire Climate Change - Faster then Expected 

Presentation In MO 2017

Filmed and edited by Marc Haneburght.

Abrupt Climate Change has become more dire. Guy McPherson his 2017 presentation while record flooding was happening in Missouri.

In early May 2017 Missouri had shut down some of the State's road ways. Collapse will be here in the near term. Not a matter of 'if' but 'when'. The situation is getting dire. 

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Earth ChangesRadio -On a 

Collision Course with Reality 

with Prof Guy McPherson

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