Saturday 23 January 2016

Guy Mcpherson and Mike Sliwa on Extinction Radio

Extinction Radio Episode 44; Jan 22, 2016

Interview With Guy Mcpherson And Mike Sliwa About How Nature Bats Last Came To Be and Peter Melton talking with Bill Kauth about men's role in society

00:00 Rhapsody In Celtic – Written And Performed By Gene Gibson; 01:02 Introduction – Gene Gibson Host; 04:18 Bill Kauth Interviewed By Peter Melton – Bill Is Very Active In The Men's Movement; 36:46 Paul Beckwith Conversation With Peter Melton; 1:08:35 Guy Mcpherson Doomer Denier Of The Week – Lets Make Money On Climate Change;

Poet Laureates Of Doom 1:1108 Rex Eagle – The How; 1:11:54 Debba Kale Earnshaw – Lucy Grey; 1:15:40 Benjamin The Donkey – Fukishima And Radiation; 1:19:05 Gene's Gems – Hiling Raga;

1:25:81 Gail Zawacki, Dispatch From The Endocene – Species Are Dying; 1:33:94 Cathe' Fish – Practicalities Of Permaculture; 1:39:44 Kathy Harrison – Food Prep And Storage – Get Used To Eating Your Preps; 1:58:21 John Compost Cossham Interviews His Son Howard About Being Aware Of Climate Change And Living With A Hard Core Green; 2:17:18 Conversation Between Ivey Cone, Guy Mcpherson, And Mike Sliwa About How Nature Bats Last Came To Be; 2:46:07 Debba Kale Earnshaw Reads Sam Carana's Blog Post On The Weather; 2:48:13 Susan Livingston Presents The Extreme Weather; 3:03:30 Sign-Off – Gene Gibson

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  1. paul we need more animals in the oceans not less! and we need the big one to distribute the nutritions from the deeper layers to the top one so only the big animals can do this... (german...but english links)


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