Saturday 30 January 2016

Armed presence leading up to TPPA signing

Armed Personnel Carriers in New Zealand
  • What are they doing here?
  • Photos removed from Facebook multiple times

Checking through the Facebook page John Key Let Down New Zealand I found the photos posted here.

I might not have paid undue attention had I not found comments saying “where are the photos?” and advising people to take screenshots of the item.

So I posted the photos onto my Facebook page well as taking the extra step of taking a screenshot.

When I came to check my Facebook page sure enough the photo I had posted was MISSING.

The consensus from all the social media discussion is that these photos were taken in a New Zealand city and are in fact armed personnel carriers from the Singapore army.

Some commentators said this is routing and the army moves stuff up and down the country ‘all the time’.

My personal response is to question this line and to see it all in the context of army exercises such as Operation Katipo which used ‘civil unrest’ as a context to train soldiers from a number of countries.

I have documented numerous such exercises here in this country on this blog.

And the timing?

APC’s on the streets of a major NZ city (looks like Auckland to me) when the police are knocking on the door of activists and are seen armed on the streets to guard John Key?

Am I to imagine that this is all coincidence and that drawing conclusions about the disappearance of photos off Facebook is just paranoia?

I don’t think so.

I’ve never believed in the Law of Permanent Coincidence.

These were the cops in Palmerston North yesterday confronting protesters


  1. I agree and I'm not a paranoid person either.This is the biggest deal in the history of NZ .You betcha the alphabets will be/are here.
    I'm wondering if they'll arrive at Whenuapai airbase, not the Auckland airport

  2. police and army personnel are kiwis with kiwi wifes and kids get into all there heads talk to them explain what is happening...get them onside with protesters!!!!

  3. Everybody needs to talk to every policeman and soldier they know and there families explain why we have concerns get them thinking the way we do ....they all have families that will be affected as well..just are seeing the situation from a employee one rather than as a new zealander..

  4. Key is setting up a protection force, and doing a sweep to target activists. Bringing in the riot squad is bad enough, but conducting searches for interviews with activists, bringing in armed police, and the army? Just how scared is Key, and how much rein has Key given his American-trained police superintendent buddy?
    This security is getting out of hands.

  5. Why would you use tracked vehicles in an urban area? Makes no sense as these are off-road vehicles.

    1. Rubber lined tracks can't be punctured or deflated and go anywhere. The roof-mounted equipment looks more interesting.

    2. I dont agree. Its fear porn spread by JK and his gang of cops. I bet hes getting a jolly good laugh at how much discussion this is getting online.
      This isn't coincidental, however it would seem that Jk is indeed sitting up and taking notice of just how far anti TPPA resentment has spread.

    3. The all terrain troop carriers are from Singapore and have been used for exercise here with NZ troops. They are not here to be used by army or police for the demonstrations next week. A bit of research into this will uncover some background.

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