Wednesday 23 December 2015

Terrorist arrests in Sydney

Two arrested over alleged terrorist plot in Sydney, Australia


Two men have been arrested as a part of Operation Appleby, a joining New South Wales Police and Australian Federal Politice operation against terrorist plots. The two new arrested brings the total number to 13.

Some of the plots including an attack on Sydney’s naval base at Woolloomooloo.

We don’t have any information that relates to a specific threat,” said the deputy police commissioner Catherine Burn, adding that police believed they had “disrupted something that may have eventuated into something specific”.

A group of people who came together with the idea the intent to carry out something and they started to make preparations to,” Dep Comm Burn said.
Abdullah Salihi, 24, was arrested in  Merrylands and Mohammad Alamoui, 20, was arrested in Bankstown, both Western Sydney suburbs.

Mr Salihi is expected to be charged with making a document likely to facilitate a terrorist attack, which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Mr Alamoui is set to be charged with conspiracy to do an act in preparation to commit a terrorist act, an offence that carries a penalty of life imprisonment.

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