Wednesday 23 December 2015

Nature Bats Last = further material

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Nature Bats Last – Mark Austin – further material

    Further comments from Mark Austin

    " Mark Austin Says: December 18th, 2015 at 3:27 pm
    Army Seeks On-Demand Mass Casualty Biologics, Chem-Bio Closure Systems
    December 14, 2015
    U.S. Army Small Business Innovation for CBRThe U.S. Army has released new topics for potential funding via the Department of Defense FY2016 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.
    Focus areas related to Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) defense or biotechnology applications include: On-Demand Cell and Tissue Biologics for Mass Casualty Response
    On and off the battlefield, mass casualty events involving radiation exposure, chemical or biological agents, and explosive or incendiary devices can create a diverse range of injuries requiring both urgent and continuing care. Mass casualty events place enormous logistical strain on medical infrastructure, overwhelming personnel and rapidly depleting available medical supplies. This necessitates the stockpiling of medical supplies and therapeutics for on-demand use in the event of a healthcare surge.
    A capability is sought to ensure off-the-shelf, large volumes of stockpiled cell and tissue biologics that would be in high demand following a mass casualty event in military theaters of operation, in humanitarian response operations, or events on the homeland. Particulate Delivery System for Next-Generation – See more at:

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  1. Enjoyed the show and crave more information, as I think about the inevitable of abrupt climate change and how it will look in the end (even tho' it is playing out now for unfortunate innocent people). I can't imagine us watching each other thirst and starve to death and feeling the helplessness. I see the enormous war mongrels with war weapons and the police state and think we are no match for them in their paranoia. I think of bio-chemical weaponry and the "free" vaccines pushed on people. I'm a bit paranoid and quite distrusting. I thought of how "big money" and/or governments would get rid of billions of people and how they could do such a thing and not have their own families and friends affected. I thought about the chicken and turkey bird flu and the millions of birds (they say) they killed, as there is a risk of mutations into man. Ebola, MRSA, fungus, bacteria going awry. (I think they are "getting us ready" in the way news has been forecasted the last couple months.) Nuclear power facilities; how many times has Fukushima's ocean and air currents flowed past and through Hawaii, now? Anyway, it's late; I'll put on the "Calm" station with Pandora and relax in this abrupt motion and realize I'm still here to deep breath and open my mind into the vastness of space. I love you guys for being you and educating me to see as deep as my intellect and spirit will allow. (I can't be afraid of "them," but would like "them" to dismantle weapons. They got the Pope to help "break" the climate disaster news, but in the end Nature Bats Last. Sorry for rambling on...


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