Tuesday 30 July 2013

Gas explosion in Florida

Explosions rip though US gas plant
A gas plant in the US has exploded, injuring many people and forcing the evaucation of people in the surrounding area. Officials feared there were also be many deaths.

30 July, 2013

The Blue Rhino plant - a propane-tank business - in Lake County, Florida was rocked by a series of large explosions just before 11pm (3pm NZT).

Twenty-four people were working in the plant at the time and officials said up to 10 were unaccounted for.

Leutenient John Herrell said he expected many people to be dead following the explosions.

"There's going to be a lot," he told the Orlando Sentinel.

Residents described sounds similar to a shotgun or fireworks and saw bursts of light and a bright orange glow above the treetops, the paper said.

One man told local TV news WESH 2 it sounded like bombs were going off.

They said thousands of massive propane tanks loaded on pallets were continuing to explode every minute or two.

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