Wednesday 31 July 2013

Exposing banking fraud

KIRI CAMPBELL Of Hawera New Zealand Unlawfully Arrested And Detained After Exposing Massive Banking Fraud

29 July, 2013


KIRI CAMPBELL: Kangaroo Court In Hawera New Zealand:


Kiri Campbell of Hawera NZ has been detained by the NZ Police and NZ Courts for exercising her rights. She is the only Maori Woman in the world to make a stand against the alleged foreclosed banks and corporations by using THEIR OWN FRAUDULENT INSTRUMENTS to bring the system to its knees for ‘The One People’ of Aotearoa and the World.

She used the Mary Croft information to deposit 15,000,000.00 of her own value into a bank account as a way to reveal the fraud of the current banking and monetary system.

Others have used closed bank accounts to dissolve 'debt' and 'pay' off 'debt' but this is the first time a deposit using UCC filing has been done in this way. A summary of the process used by Kiri to do this has been posted at this website here:

After successfully drawing down the value from The Taranaki Savings Bank into her own account Kiri was charged with Fraud and Attempting to Obtain Pecuniary Advantage. During her incarceration she was coerced into signing release forms of some type which she did under duress and stated as much on the form itself. Kiri was also telling the public servants she encountered that her consent was NOT given for the proceedings at every stage of her interaction.

The “authorities” are claiming fraud and dishonestly, yet Kiri made Notice of her intent at every stage. The courts will, during discovery, be forced to put all of that public evidence into the hearing which is going to detail all of the foreclosure flyer information and more importantly their violation of the 3 day right to rescind on contracts; provided under Contract Law and the UCC. The bank violated this right when they froze her accounts within 24 hours of the transaction being made.
the basis for charging Kiri with fraud is because she was using an instrument of fraud: a check from a closed bank account. Yet our signatures on Negotiable Instruments are "monetized" all the time; The Deceptive Acts and Practices of the System are revealed by these actions. 

To deny this Declaration Of Value by Kiri is to deny every loan made for the past 50 years and more. This is a very big mistake, and as always the universe provides players to play their part. In this case the former TSB Bank had offered their hand. 

This is a call to help get her released from Custody and the Hawera Court this coming Tuesday. We are asking ‘The One People’ across the world to support with Courtesy Notices, Invoices, Prayer and BE PRESENT in the courthouse if you can on TUESDAY 30th JULY 2013 9am @ HAWERA COURT HOUSE New Zealand.


1. If you believe that you can help KIRI CAMPBELL on this day, we need to load the courthouse with supporters of OPPT delivering Foreclosure Flyers, or

2. Send COURTESY NOTICES to recipients listed on

3. Those that have sent courtesy notices to back them with invoices or

4. Be present at the Hawera Court House on Tuesday 9am or

5. Pray at 9am Tuesday (New Zealand time) for Kiri if you can’t be physically present or

6. Make this viral across the internet.


Facebook: The One People (OPPT) Aotearoa-New Zealand
Facebook: Exodus - Movement of da people Project XIII
Facebook: The One People Australia
Facebook: Claim your sovereign right Australia/Aotearoa
More documents provided by Kiri are available to view at this link: 

You can listen to an interview with Kiri from the 19th of July 2013 below.

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