Saturday, 14 July 2018

The unbelievable increase in sea temperature at Svalbard

I have no words for this right now.

Important news from Sam Carana.

July 6 sea surface temperatures near Svalbard progressively increase from -0.8°C to 16.6°C in FIVE YEARS!

July 6 sea surface temperature near Svalbard (at green circle):

2014: -0.8°C or 30.6°F
2015: 6.2°C or 43.2°F
2016: 8.3°C or 47.0°F
2017: 14.4°C or 57.9°F
2018: 16.6°C or 61.9°F

Created by Sam Carana for with images.

This is from today:

Sea ice concentation as of today:

The increasingly conservative Robertscribbler has done his own update

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