Thursday, 26 July 2018

Christine Assanges's message to #Unity4J Digital Army

Suzie and Elizabeth describe an interference that is very familiar to me. Someone obviously does not want the world to hear Christine Assange's message.
Deep State spooks block Christine Assanges message to #Unity4J Digital Army

  1. Wednesday - July 25, 2018
  2. Dear Unity 4 Julian team --
  3. The tech gods have decreed that despite our best & varied efforts I was unable to join you tonight (apparently my phone is "busy")...but I wish to thank you all for your absolutely stellar work is amassing this formidable global army to protect & free my son Julian.
  4. This will give him the hope, strength & love he will need in the fight for justice ahead.
  5. Some time ago I called out for Wikileaks  Worriers to be replaced by Wikileaks Warriors
  6. And what Warriors you all are.
  7. Joining together in co-operation & support with Julians long time supporters & defenders this new digital 21st Century global command centre is a welcome & timely boost in the fight for his freedom.
  8. With special thanks to Wikileaks Wonder Woman Warrior Suzie Dawson for the concept & driving it to reality.
  9. Love to all the fellow Wikileaks Warriors.
  10. ~~ Christine Assange
  11. Twitter: @AssangeMrs

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