Saturday, 28 July 2018

What the authorities don't want us to know

From Mark Austin

Almost no USA government employee or contractor will be able to share data by this Sept. A few at EPA and other agencies trying to make final public contacts. Serious news over a year ago that nothing to do with climate science can be shared. We were warned. Many strict rules start Aug 1. New NSA directives when you do try to access sites for our info.

Is this yet more censorship?

Posted on Facebook

 This is the message I get when I try to open the US navy site with its important data on Arctic ice thickness.

On my main computer I can go round this and open the site without any problems but DuckDuckGo on my iPad won’t let me.

Am I being paranoid in thinking that there is another reason for this, like someone not wanting this info to be visible to all-and-sundry?

This is an official US military site!

By the way, I think it was the US navy who made the prediction of a disappearance of Arctic ice in 2016 if I am not wrong.

I got the following comment back on Facebook

"You're not paranoid, these guys are idiots, but we know that...."

This morning nothing was working on my computer - it slowed to a complete halt. And when I tried opening the navy website it went into a spin. I came back and di a recording of the screen on Quicktime and EVERYTHING worked like a charm. Works every time! This is no coincidence. It happens every time. The severity of the problem has always been in direct proportion to the sensitivity of the material.

My conclusion is that the powers-that-be have some sort of algorithm that alerts them so that my computer crashes.

Happens on a regular basis.

What do they not want us to know? I think it is this.

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