Friday, 27 July 2018

A discussion on Arctic and Antarctic sea ice

I have just come off a livestream with Margo in which I got to participate.

The significant points were that Margo, after much digging around, found a source for data on the thinning ice in the Arctic.

You will get a message with a warning but I went ahead anyhow.

We used the same site to discover some shocking data about ice in Antarctica which I will share seperately.

Campfire Chat with Margo - streamed live July 26, 2018

Campfire Chats with Margo, Episode #3 streamed live from Talkshoe on July 26, 2018. I spoke live with Robin Westenra from New Zealand (Seemorerocks) regarding sea ice research, the media not reporting on climate change and other topics. 

We also discussed nuclear power and how it's being presented as the new "Green" energy. 


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