Sunday, 29 July 2018

Paul Beckwith on Antarctica and abrupt climate change

Antarctica Under Abrupt Climate Change

Paul Beckwith

The majority of land masses are in the northern hemisphere, along with the majority of human populations.

However, we can never forget the Southern Hemisphere, and the enormous mass of ice that sits on Antarctica.

With Arctic Temperature Amplification, mostly from an increase in absorbed sunlight due to darkening from snow and ice decline, more heat travels from the equator to the Southern Hemisphere, with important consequences to air and water circulation around Antarctica.

It is vital to understand how an Arctic Blue Ocean situation will impact glacier mass in Antarctica, and thus sea-level rise.

Extreme weather events around the entire globe are notching up in frequency, severity, and duration, as well as changing location, and many people are surprised that this is also happening in the Southern Hemisphere.

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