Saturday, 14 July 2018

Meteorologist, Nicholas Humphrey interviewed on abrupt climate change

Nicholas Humphrey has come to prominence in recent weeks with his blog post about the heatwave in the Arctic.

There should be more coming soon.

His blog is HERE


Meteorologist Nicholas Humphrey talks Abrupt Climate Change, Weather Changes, and Extinction

13 April, 2018

Environmental Coffee House

I’m a trained meteorologist currently living in Lincoln, NE with my fiance Cassie who's my partner of 8 years and my 20 month old Bruce. 

I'm originally from Seattle, WA, but have been living on the Great Plains since 2008. I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in meteorology/climatology from 2008-2011, then continued my studies at South Dakota State University in Brookings where I completed my Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2013. 

I wrote a 32 page undergraduate thesis on the topic of human decision-making and behavior during tornado warnings. 

After that, I immediately began an online graduate program in Applied Meteorology through Mississippi State University focused on advanced forecasting applications. 

I graduated with my Master of Science in August 2016. Living on the Plains, I've taken the opportunity to be involved using this region as a "natural laboratory" to teach myself and other about the power of weather. 

I helped in organizing the beginnings of what later became the Nebraska Storm Chase Team, an organized team of mostly University of Nebraska meteorology students with an elected leadership devoted to safely chasing storms and teaching important severe storms forecasting techniques. 

I have volunteered for multiple educational events related to weather and climate including the Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium as well as the American Meteorological Society's Annual Conferences in Seattle and New Orleans. 

For science positions, I have worked as a Geographic Research Technician at the Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence on the South Dakota State University campus assisting PhD candidates from January 2013-February 2014; and I was an intern mountain weather forecaster for the Fire Weather & Avalanche Center based out of La Grande, OR from November 2016-March 2017. 

I currently run a blog devoted to my personal discussion of weather and climate change at

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