Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Sane Progressie on Bernie Sanders' endorsement of Clinton

Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton; Democratic Party Will Split in Two

Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton today in a joint campaign appearance in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Debbie breaks it down, and talks about the Bernie Sander's Presidential campaign and today's endorsement; all the Good, Bad, and the Ugly:

Here's the endorsement highlights (low-lights) from today:

Stroll back in time - Sane Progressive video when they stole out data:

And, when they smeared our Nevada delegates and supporters for violence that they did not commit:

Donald Trump Manufactured by Media - First they give 2 billion dollars in free coverage to build him UP:

Then they turn negative when they put him in as a FEAR card for Hillary to TEAR HIM DOWN:

And, of course, the Election Fraud blog that documents lawsuits, Fitrakis JUST filed yesterday and I will be doing videos to update on that as the work goes on - til then you review data HERE:

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