Saturday, 2 July 2016

Paul Beckwith's video and the response (and calling out Robertscribbler)

"As Mae West said: It is better to be looked over than overlooked"

I’m pleased to report that Paul Beckwith is completely unfazed by the ad hominem attack in yesterday’s Washington Post as well as by social media trolls.

Apart from being very alarming news in itself it HAS got this story out and being talked about. This story has legs with,at last count 212,955 views of Paul’s video and being covered by both Britain's Daily Express and RT.

The denialists have been busy
Responses to Paul Beckwith’s video

Here are some of Paul Bckwith's comments from his Facebook page.

I am celebrating Canada Day! Great fun in downtown Ottawa.

I jumped up and down on the repaired sinkhole and it seems solid!!!

Regarding my viral video, and the pathetic Washington Post hack attempt:
I am no stranger to adversity and conflict and intrigue:)

No need to worry about me:)

Cutting edge science is always controversial.

Climate deniers like Spencer and Watts are united with well known "mainstream scientists" in circling their precious wagons. Even the venerable and highly respected Potsdam Centre has told people asking them about my video to see the Washington Post article. Quite funny, actually. Same with Mann and Schmidt.

It is a chess game, and the Post and deniers and scientists that have united against me will soon be crushed under my scathing rebuttal of their rebuttal. Utter Nonsense they say.

As Mae West said: It is better to be looked over than overlooked.

As they say in Duplicate Bridge: Go slow with a strong hand.

This is a case where the British tabloids like Daily Express posting my video and images have much more factual information and guts than many scientists and so-called main stream media; at least thus far.

Hilariously, mainstream scientists are unable to see something in front of their noses, unless it is peer reviewed. And journalists play along with their game. Meanwhile, abrupt climate change ignores all this human weakness and marches onward, to the detriment of our biosphere.

Don't fret. We will shortly look upon an Arctic Ocean completely devoid of sea ice. A much darker region, which will completely rewrite our weather patterns in an unfamiliar climate.

Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy July 4th, in a few days.

Happy every day. Life is a gift...

Facebook friends, and anybody really worried about climate change...

My last video (below) has gone viral. Over 187,000 views now (12:30 PM EST Jun 30) with a rate of 14,000 per hour about midnight, increased from 8,000 per hour between 6 and 9 pm EST; at 5,000 per hour in the wee hours, stabilized now at about 4,000 per our

Please cut and paste below and post far and wide on social media. The more traction there is with this one video the more my other past videos and future videos will get.

Strange. Is this the new normal? The jet stream crosses the equator


As of now there have been 212,955 views
If you haven't yet caught up here is Paul's video

Unprecedented? Jet Stream Crosses Equator.

It used to be Global Warming Fact of the Day.
I was banned from that site a couple of years ago for defending Guy McPherson and trying to get them to come back with some facts.

Now one of the main meeting points of denialists seems to be Air, Climate Change, Energy

I feel honoured to be linked in the minds of these fools with Paul Beckwith (as I was,with GWFOTD with Guy McPherson)!  

It's an honour!

Jim McIntosh Yeah, and Paul Beckwith and Robin 


What's the bet they'll claim this is disastrous and because it 

is so abrupt it is caused by AGW?

I bring you some of the "intelligent" comments from there


Jim McIntosh Robin Westenra, you know this is false yet you perpetuate it.
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Chinese family and factory are paying only 8% per kilowatt of electricity than Australian family and factory is paying. For every $300 paid in Australia for electricity; in China is paid $24 in yuan money worth – electricity produced
...See more

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Robin Westenra As this is a site for denialists who would know a fact if they saw one i won't bother posting here and leave you to have your own "discussion". Despite the WaPost article this is almost certain to be correct.
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Jim McIntosh Robin Westenra; here is proof you are wrong and perpetuating a falsehood from Scribbler and Paul Beckwith.
Nothing unprecedented at all and we never lost seasons.
.4 cold front is found wit,h the aid of IGY data to have penetrated from the Southern Hem
...See more

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Daren O'Hanlon and that applies to now how...?
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Jim McIntosh Daren O'Hanlon. NOAA report proves this recent event is not 'unprecedented' at all and we never lost seasons then. It may only be unusual because we have noted it.
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Daren O'Hanlon Oh so was there wild weather happening around the world at the same time back then too..?
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Jim McIntosh Happens often.
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Daren O'Hanlon Oh Right right and all this extreme weather has ALWAYS happened globally at the same time
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Jim McIntosh Why wouldn't extreme weather happen as it always has?
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Jim McIntosh And similar in July 1975.
"During mid-July 1975, a strong frontal system crossed into the tropical latitudes of...
A Southern Hemisphere Cold Front Passage at the Equator
...See more

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Tom Robbins Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer smacks down warmist jet stream claims as ‘silly: Spencer: ‘There is frequently cross-equatorial flow at jet stream altitudes, and that flow can connect up with a subtropical jet stream. But it has always happened, and alwa...See more

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Shea Lewis Robbertdribbler is an Alarmist clown the whole event was triggered by rapid cooling in the Southern Hemisphere due to the colapse of the El-Nino and a change of seasons. 

The rapid cooling at the equator caused a major redistribution of the hadley and ploar cells together with a relaxing of the SAM. This became evident as an Australian cold snap where temperatures plummeted over the southern 2/3 of our continent.

Its the SH cooling that caused the SH jet to move north. Lisa mentioned this in her El-Nino post last week. It is there for everyone to read. 

Under these conditions its not that unusual to see the jet stream cross the equator. 

Dribbler Beckwith and Westenra are all talking through their hats

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Jim McIntosh Ditto with Robin Westenra who sucked into this.
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Jim McIntosh But, Shea Lewis, we're science deniers.
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Meanwhile these comments from Robert Scribbler made my blood boil.

Calling out Robertscribbler

  • Beckwith has kind of emerged like a shake and bake scribbler strawman. If there’s a gray area in one of my posts, he exaggerates it into some rather outrageous claim and then people, for some reason, attribute his claims to me. Similar the Guy McPherson, but on a separate subject tack. The best thing, in this case, is to mostly ignore the claims and not puff them up anymore than is necessary. The WAPO article required a response. But I found it hard to take personally due to the fact that it really wasn’t about me and, in many cases, hyper focused such that it missed the larger point of the article.
    I’m not too worried about it. Jason seems a decent fellow and I suspect wise enough to realize when the dog has been wagged. Will see if there are any repeats. But, yeah, we are changing the communication strategy a bit going forward. I have someone from HSUS helping me with response messaging, so that helps too.

He has added the following to his original post

UPDATE — A Necessary Statement on the Accuracy of the Above Article and Related Edits

The original article prompted a reaction from a few atmospheric scientists (including noted climate skeptic Roy Spencer) as shown here in this Washington Post opinion piece by Jason Samenow, weather editor for the Post. In consideration of the information shared in this piece, I have made a couple of corrections to the information concerning upper-level equatorial wind patterns.

However, the inference taken from my article was somewhat misconstrued. Stating that a global climate emergency due to loss of seasonality is currently upon us and is far-reaching. The message in my article is that the situation appears to be worsening and that this particular global climate crisis may be something that we’ll face over the coming years and decades. 

The article was intended to highlight the risk posed by weakening dividing lines between climate zones, an apparent observed increase in meridional upper air patterns, and in this case, an observation of the upper-level wind pattern that crossed from pole to pole.

As I mentioned in my article, large meridional upper-level wind flows and related extreme weather, along with what appears to be a growing trend toward a loss of seasonality is a very big deal. Apparently not everyone agrees with me on this point. Regardless, the concern over loss of seasonal variation due to human-caused climate change remains an issue. While there is no guarantee that risk and climate meta-analysis will result in 100 percent accuracy, it is a worthwhile process nonetheless to both identify potential risks under the rapidly changing climate states of our world and to ask the hard questions.
In closing, I must gently disagree with the assertions Mr. Samenow put forth in his opinion piece. On the contrary, it is the height of responsibility to highlight issues that so many others have tended to ignore or discount at great risk to our global civilization.
Paul Beckwith has made his own statements in response to the above article. His statements and conclusions are his own.

If you do not listen to me, then please listen to what the Earth System is telling us. It is very, very concerning. Regards to all and best wishes.

As you can see it is not what he says publicly but "behind the scenes" in comments that is so obnoxious.

My own comments - 

Once again the blogger “Robertscribbler” has come out attacking Paul Beckwith and ascribing outrageous claims to him.

Who was it that talked about “giant gravitational waves” and about a climate change-driven loss of seasonal integrity?

Instead Paul has described the phenomenon in a way that seems fairly uncontroversial to me, describes it as ‘unprecedented’ (with a question mark) and says we have a climate emergency.

Is it this latter point that gets Scribbler so riled?

Certainly the bare mention of NTHE or Guy McPherson is enough to get you banished from commenting no matter how fair-minded and polite the comments are.

Now, the list seems to have been extended to “climate emergency”.

I think we need to look to the realm of psychology to explain this phenomenon. Every word written by Robertscribbler (and he writes some very good stuff) shouts out CLIMATE EMERGENCY and yet he cannot bear to acknowledge his own evidence.

Very bizarre.

There is an element of narcissim in his intolerance and need (seemingly) to only have sychophants surrounding him and his violent rejection of such decent people such as Guy McPherson and Paul Beckwith for their ideas.

Personally,I would prefer that people discuss things at the level of ideas,but alas other things get in the way.

I do not have the good humour of a Paul Beckwith.

I personally liked this comment on my own Facebook page:

Wow what an ass. He's busy arguing on the train tracks about whether or not a train is coming while the train is barreling down on him.

This is not the first time I’ve had to callout Mr. Robert Marston Fanny (aka ‘Robertscribbler)

To read earlier comments GO HERE


  1. In Paul's video he shows from 12m onward the QMI phase which he then explains and then at ~12:47 he further shows a plot that starts from 1961. At 13:05 he shows the most recent plot which shows a very signficant departure from every previos year (since 1961). You would have to have some other purpose not to recognise this departure from our recorded past and how serious it is for us. Well done Robert and Paul.