Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Paul Beckwith deconstructs Washington Post article

Paul deconstructs the article  'Claim that jet stream crossing equator is ‘climate emergency’ is utter nonsense' 

Ask Paul. He Knows Everything About Climate

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Part 1: I talk about my extensive range of videos, and about the controversial jet-steam-crossing-the-equator video. 


I dissect the Washington Post "utter nonsense" article, and discuss how over-specialization is not working to deal with climate mayhem. We need much more big-picture system thinking.

There is a funny story behind my tongue-in-cheek title; which is a recent exact quote from a very famous Canadian Cabinet Minister.


  1. Dear Paul, thanks for your work. I agree that we need generalists to keep an eye on the big picture because science myopia is a huge problem in understanding todays crisis (which goes way beyond, but is connected to climate change). It is also clear that the changing jet streams in the Northern hemisphere are producing ''insidious'' extreme weather events. The question is: does your ''unprecedented'' jet stream connection statement hold? Are you sticking to it? Why don't you ask ''the other side'' to come up with data to contradict your statement, earlier steep equator breaches and connecting up of the jet streams. Have any been produced so far? Maybe you can ask the Washington Post to produce some facts?