Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Media coverage of carbn monoxide spike in California

Is this the only coverage in the media that this has got?

Can we pause the Bernie-Hillary wars for a moment? Major Carbon Monoxide Explosion West Coast

Daily Kos,
29 February, 2016

Breaking news. No one at this point seems to know what is going on but early thoughts suggest a major earthquake may occur at any time. I have to dash to work shortly, and hopefully a new story will be written by some of the brilliant scientific minds on Daily Kos that will provide updates and analysis. Why isn’t the mainstream media all over this story? Thank God for the green roots for breaking this story.
 Some theory on a possible earthquake connection. www.natureasia.com/…
Earth emits a burst of carbon monoxide (CO) a few days before an earthquake, according to geophysicist Ramesh Singh. He and co-workers from France and the United States report that this gas could be used as one of the precursor signals for an earthquake early warning system.
The scientists used data from an American satellite and analysed changes in carbon monoxide at different altitudes. "The carbon monoxide shows enhancement in concentration a few days prior to the earthquake," Singh said.
According to the scientists, CO gas is forced out of the earth due to the build up of stress prior to the earthquake "influencing the hydrological regime around the epicentre."
Be careful California, and review your disaster plans. Better safe than sorry.
From Robert Scribbler:  robertscribbler.com/...
On February 26, The Global Forecast System model recorded an intense and wide-ranging carbon monoxide (CO) spike over the US West Coast. A region stretching from British Columbia, through Washington and Oregon, and on over most of California experienced CO readings ranging from about 5,000 parts per billion over the mountains of Southwestern Canada to as high as 40,000 parts per billion over Southern California. Very high peak readings appear to have occurred from Northern California near Eureka and the southern edge of the Cascadia Subduction Zone and along a line south and eastward over much of Central California to an extreme peak zone just north and west of Los Angeles near Palmdale along the San Andreas Fault Line.

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