Saturday, 16 January 2016

The TPPA treachery

New Zealand is about to have the honour of hosting the formal signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement by trade ministers from 12 nations of the Pacific rim. And it is an honour”, says the NZ Herald

Most treasonous Vichy Herald editorial ever?


15 January, 2016

To be honest, I thought this spineless NZ Herald editorial was originally a Toby Manhire spoof. Only Manhire could manage to mimic the subservient tepid fecklessness of the Herald so masterfully.

Horrifyingly it wasn’t satire.
This quisling editorial where the corporate media beg us to get on our knees and thank our Corporate overlords for the ‘honour’ – yes that’s the word they used, ‘honour’, of being the place where the TPPA would be signed is the most treasonous editorial the Herald has ever published.
Losing our ability to pass domestic law for a glorified American Upper House is no moment to celebrate, it is the capitulation of our Government to transnational interests. This is a Corporate House of Lords who will scrutinise all domestic law and challenge Parliament if it damages their profit margins. Under TPPA, Parliament now effectively become a lower house.
This is no time to thank our corporate overlords! This is the time to fight tooth and nail with every tool at our disposal to stop this theft of our sovereignty. This deal has been written by corporations in secret with an eye to combating China in the Pacific and cement in place America’s control over our systems of democracy. The economic returns are a joke, the Government has lied about the level of debate citizens will be allowed and Key has the audacity of signing away our Tino rangatiratanga days before Waitangi Day.
This deal will signify the largest erosion of our democracy NZ has ever undertaken, to read the NZ Herald tell us to celebrate that is the most delusional thing that has ever come from this racist rag.The first editorial in the NZ Herald November 13 1863 was begging settlers to kill off Maori
`the rebels should be energetically dealt with, the war has been one of their own compelling. They commenced it with cold blooded deliberate assassinations . They are following up with stealthy murders of defenceless women and children. The fruits of a life of industry are the sacrifices of their vengeance. Agriculture perishes. Commerce languishes. Enterprise stands still. And a great and glorious country runs to ruinous waste until the murderer and marauder shall be imperatively taught that life and property must be preserved and Law and Order maintained inviolate` 

and this one calling on NZers to surrender to American Corporations is just as disgraceful.
For patriots, true citizens, first peoples and those who are crushed into poverty by the current economic hegemony, we will fight. The first blow in that battle is January 26h.

What the Vichy Herald editorial does re-inforce however is our desperate need to have a counter narrative in the media. 

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It's the Don't Sign tour, with keynote speakers Lori Wallach from Public Citizen and Professor Jane Kelsey. 

Please spread the word.

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