Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The media are lying

Reflections on the media

Listening to the crap that Radio NZ and the rest of the media are coming up with this resonated. The media are playing a similar role to the orchestra on the Titanic, knowing things are useless and the ship is going down they continue to produce beautiful notes.

They are playing the whole thing out, playing beautiful music as the ship goes down.

Those people who don't listen to the alternative voices, just go out to work, work hard and then come back and turn on the TV - they are just loving the music and they see no problem.

They are not getting reality.

The media, from A to Z are to blame for creating this false sense so that ordinary people will be blindsided.

The people in the know, from the power-that-be to the investment banks ignore the mainstream media and paying attention to alternative media.

I call out the whole of the media - from print media in totem, to television and - most especially (because they have a mandate to provide serious, reliable reporting) - Radio New Zealand.

They are all lying.

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