Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Iranians arrest (and release) 10 Americans and Obama's SOTU address

America eats humble pie

Well, the Americans weren't there to enjoy the view or to go for a swim. They were there to fish (otherwise known as spying) or to test Iranian reactions.

They got what they deserve.

Sorry if I'm treading one some American's delicatг sensibilities but as a citizen of the Outer Empire that's how I feel.

Here's Zero Hedge:

In Latest Embarrassment For Obama, Iran Releases Footage Of Arrest, Apology Of 10 U.S. Sailors

With just hours to go before Obama's last State of the Union address, the US president suffered his latest foreign policy fiasco when around noon local time, Iran arrested 10 US sailors in a boat that has allegedly entered deep into Iranian territorial waters.

Needless to say, there was no mention of this in Obama's address and the scandal was quietly swept under the rug when the 9 young men and 1 woman were released earlier today, and all questions just why the soldiers were released only well after the SOTU's conclusion (were they a hostage bargaining chip in case Obama said something out untoward last night regarding Iran) were soundly ignored

And what's this? An American saying 'sorry' to the Iranians? Ha, ha!

The neo-cons will be spitting tacks

And here's the Hairstyle's response

PS. From Facebook:

Someone just commented: "Nothing occurred here that wouldn't have occurred should the roles have been reversed" to which I responded: "Are you off you're f...g head? If the Iranians had ventured a mile into American waters all hell would have broken loose and we'd never have heard the last of it."

I used to think that George “Dubya” Bush was the worst president America could produce – but that was before Obama.

Now I’m convinced whoever she/he is his successor will exceed him in this regard

As for Obomber’s State of the Union Guy McPherson had the prefect response. Paraphrasing him he said something like:

In the SOTU, Obama bragged about gasoline at less than $2/gallon, and went onto say the world will solve climate change. Is he stupid, ignorant, a liar, or merely reading from the script placed in front of him?.

My response, Guy is – all of the above.

If you've got the time and inclination to listen to the Liar-in-Chief

FINALLY: A 3 1/2 min video with some Guy McPherson segments.

We are on the brink of collapse.After a despicable speech by Bama,and saying ,"we are the most powerful country in the world",and repeating it so everybody could hear.Yeh, we heard you.Only a few remarks about climate change is all he could come up with ? What a joke.But wait, there are people who think this time will be different when Bernie get's control of industrial civilization that has caused the 6th great mass extinction event.....Dream on. Bernie won't tell you the ugly truth either.

We are done people.Get over pushing the "hopium" wagon. Embrace what Guy is trying to tell you, "only love remains".Take action helping the loved ones your with , nature and all other species.

Marc Haneburght

A 3 1/2 min Video."The Its All OK Climate Rap Video".Talk is cheap + a climate denier fun section.Of course Professor Guy McPherson is in the video,the only truth teller.Enjoy.
Posted by Marc Haneburght on Saturday, 14 November 2015

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