Monday, 18 January 2016

Crowd-funded alternative media

Here are two videos that discuss how mainstream media is failing people and the move amongst the minority of the population that seeks to remain informed about the things that really matter.

Sibel Edmonds of Boiling Frogs Post talks about the existing models of media:

  • Corporate-owned and controlled mainstream media that is losing its readership/viewership almost as we speak
  • So-called alternative media (and she gives Democracy Now! as an example) that is dependent on 'sugar-daddies' like the Koch Bros, Soros, the Rockefellers etc.
  • One man/woman bands of bloggers like myself that have to support themselves
  • A new mdoel of crowd-funded, independent (and dependable) media - such as Russia Insider, the proposed Newsbud and a whole host of other organisations that are challenging the MSM monopoly.

Charles Bausman of crowd-funded Russia Insider talks about an investment banker he spoke to who says they have people studying alternative media for real news so as not to be blindsided by news they are not being told by conventional sources.

Watch the following for alternative visions.

New Media

Charles Bausman Trashes Corporate Media on RT

Introducing Newsbud: Where Media Integrity Matters

On this edition of the BFP Roundtable James Corbett talks to Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins and Pepe Escobar about Newsbud, a new media venture to take the alt media to the next level. In this conversation we discuss who is involved with the project, what they hope to achieve with it, and how it will be funded.

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