Wednesday, 4 December 2019

The pedophile network surrounding Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace at the 
centre of a vast paedophile 

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Queen Elizabeth's household is at the centre of a vast paedophile network. 

It is implicated in the KINCORA child abuse scandal through Lord Louis Mountbatten and Anthony Blunt. 
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It is implicated in the ELM GUEST HOUSE child abuse scandal through Anthony Blunt, senior palace aide Richard Langley and Commander Michael Trestrail, the Queen's bodyguard. It is implicated in the DOLPHIN SQUARE abuse scandal through the vacation partner of the Duchess of Cornwall Derek Laud, and through John Henniker-Major: both of whom supplied children to the Dolphin Square 'VIP' paedophile ring. The Queen's household is implicated in the NORTH WALES ABUSE RING not only through Derek Laud, but through the Queen's friend and lady-in-waiting Dame Mary Anne Morrison, sister of paedophile MP Sir Peter Morrison. 

It is implicated in the notorious PAEDOPHILE INFORMATION EXCHANGE (PIE) through a number of staff and advisers to the Queen: including her cook Douglas Slade, trusted senior diplomats Robert Coghlan and Sir Peter Hayman, and the late head of the Queen's Silver Jubilee Trust/PIE collaborator Sir Harold Haywood. The royal household is implicated in the HAUT DE LA GARENNE and DUNCROFT paedophile scandals through the extraordinary privileges afforded to abuser and procurer Sir James Savile: adviser and close friend of Princes Charles and Andrew, the late Lord Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Alexandra. 

Numerous royal staff have reported being sexually assaulted and raped in the Crown palaces. Moreover, butler Paul Kidd operated a paedophile ring from Buckingham Palace. For further details of these and other crimes in which the Queen's household is implicated, please read or download the PDF document.

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