Monday, 15 July 2019

New Zealand is destroying its cultural heritage

I am deeply grateful to Ben Vidgen for this research.I have reworked it and added a couple of items.

I knew this was happening in my own backyard but never realised that it was on this scale.

As I was younger libraries were a refuge in a small,insular country at the end of the Earth. Now they are refuges for the homeless.

Information will become for the rich only and folk in poorer areas that even have any leisure will have to forgo libraries, community centres and swimming pools and we will be more isolated than ever.



Coincidentally" libraries are being closed over a similar period of time each using different pretexts – from “earthquake risk” in earthquake-proofed buildings to mould


A major Wellington landmark, and heritage building, Turnbull House was closed after the Kaikoura earthquake was closed in 2012 and remains closed to this day.

Turnbull House - Wikipedia

There is hardly ANY media mention of this that I can find

Wellington Central Library to close indefinitely due to earthquake concerns

This article might be getting close to the essence of the issue.

Developers are closing in on Wellington’s boarded up central library, seeing an opportunity to either list the building, or privatise it.


The Auckland Art Gallery is under threat – from a council that ought to know better

Invercargill's museum will remain closed for years despite a $40 million cash injection for arts and heritage projects in the southern city.

 Gore Library Closure and Relocation

Winton Library/Office Closed Due To Contamination


Shedding some light on the closed doors of Te Manawa's art gallery


Continuing Black: A Response to Closure of Our Art Gallery

Black is a response to the closure of the public Art Gallery in Palmerston North “for up to 10 months” from 1 July 2018.

I found even more on DuckDuckGo

 Napier Library temporarily closes its doors
Napier Library is closing this Friday and will re-open at its new temporary location at MTG Hawke's Bay in the first week of February

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