Monday 26 November 2018

Catherine Austin Fitts: the economy is not going to crash, but be on a “slow burn.”

"We Are Living With Maximum Uncertainty" Fitts Fears "New Control System" Looms

25 November, 2018

Via Greg Hunter’s,
Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts has said for years that the economy was not going to crash, but be on a slow burn.” 

How long can they make this heavily indebted game last? Fitts says, “Our problem as investors is we don’t know..."
"If you look at all the information we need to make an intelligent assessment, we don’t have access to that information. I have said many times this is a military question. Who has the biggest weapons and who has the ability to deliver force and control? So, we are living with maximum uncertainty...
Clearly, we are headed into a new currency world that’s part of a new control system, but the answer is we don’t know when. My fear with many, many commentators is they are underestimating the power and endurance of the system. I am always getting yelled at because people think I am pro-empire. I am not saying I am pro-empire or I am for the things they are doing to keep it going.”
Fits adds that things are so uncertain that “the old system could go five years or five months.”
On introducing a new dollar, Fitts says:
Even if they do introduce a dollar backed by gold, it’s going to start off with a small market share. They are very unlikely to do a big bang thing. These guys are prototypers.”

There is no doubt wealthy people around the world are buying gold. Why? Fitts says, The reality the worst case scenario, gold is a store of value because it is respected globally as a currency or money without the backing of a sovereign government."
"What is the global currency that has backing without a sovereign government, and gold and silver are one of the few. I think it is one of the reasons I think wealthy people need to have a store of value for the worst case. It is central bank insurance. A core position in gold is not an investment, it is central bank insurance...We continue to see people have a core position in precious metals for the worst case.

What is the worst case scenario? Fitts says, “The worst case scenario is we are dealing with very serious geophysical risk..."
"Throughout history, we have had things like Noah and the flood where civilization has almost gotten wiped out... There have been radical changes in policy to coalesce huge amounts of money under central control and do secret projects. Why? What is that about?...
I don’t know how the governance system on planet earth works. I don’t know why the government is shifting massive amounts of money out of the U.S. government and out of the U.S. economy and taking it dark.

Fitts says, “Right now, we are choking on secrecy as a society..."
"If you look at all the people who got it wrong about the collapse, the reason they got it wrong is because all the information they needed to determine whether or not it was going to collapse was being kept secret even though they, as taxpayers, were financing it...
If we had transparency and we stopped with the secrecy, we could turn the red button green. . . .
The cost of secrecy is enormous ...The cost of tyranny, the cost of oppression, the cost of Americans having lousy education and all this control, it destroys so much wealth...
You cannot have a successful civilization with this kind of secrecy.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher of “The Solari Report.”

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