Thursday 29 November 2018

There are only TWO genders!

The world is going to Hell in a hnadbasket and THIS is all they can talk about! I am so disgusted that I am posting this verbatim, imcluding Hal Turner’s comments.

Have you ever heard of omnigender or. neutrios?

Australia Going Insane; Proposing 33 Gender Labels for Gov't Documents

28 November, 2018

Australia seems to be going certifiably insane by making huge steps toward accepting and recognizing 33 different gender identities for Passports and other official government documents.

Labor Opposition have drafted the proposal. Among 33 labels that will be discussed at the party’s upcoming national conference omnigender, neutrios and demigender are only some of the options one can choose. 

These options could soon be printed on passports and birth certificates.

For example, omnigender means unisex. Neutrios is a non-binary gender identity which is often associated with a “neutral” or “null” gender. Demigender is an umbrella term for non-binary gender identities that have a partial connection to a certain gender. If accepted by the party, various gender identities as such would be part of the documents since this radical proposal would enforce a review of document requirements.

According to the proposal, with the additional gender options, it is intended for transgender and intersex people to be able to enjoy ‘equal human rights without discrimination.’ The party will also look at promoting alternatives past ‘binary male and female’. The draft read:
Labor will ensure people obtain identification options that match their sex characteristics and/or gender identities, as preferred
  australians 33 gender labels passports
The idea of supporting the removal of gender from birth certificates was previously rejected by Bill Shorten, noting that Labor ‘had no plans to change’ birth certificates.

To create a fair living for transgender people, so that they don’t have to constantly out themselves, Tasmania is about to remove gender from birth certificates. A law was successfully past last week by the Tasmanian Labor and Greens which include parents having to ‘opt in’ to have a baby’s sex recorded on birth certificates.
australians 33 gender labels passports
Speaking to Sky News, Health Minister Greg Hunt made it clear that this issue is going to be pushed forward. He revealed that, in order to increase the minimum 12 labels used to a maximum of 33 labels, he called on the Opposition leader to detail their plan. Hunt said:
We (the Morrison government) have a clear commitment to our existing gender identity laws. They want to adopt a standard which has a minimum of 12 different forms of identity which people can adopt or nominate.
(HT Remark: Someone please call them men in the nice, white coats to cast a net over these people and cart them away to some insane asylum.  These folks seem to me to be so out of touch with reality, they have become a danger to normal society!  "Gender is simple: If a person is born with a Penis and testicles, that person is male.  If a person is born with a Vagina, that person is female.  If a person is born with both a Penis and a Vagina, that Birth Defect person is Hermaphrodite.  Period.  End of Discussion.  Anything further is insanity because it denies actual, factual, biology which is a denial of reality.  People who deny reality are mentally ill.  Thus, it seems clear to me the Labor Opposition in Australia is mentally ill.  How the people of Australia could vote for such whack-jobs is frightening.)

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