Friday 30 November 2018

Ukraine Crackdown Under Martial Law Begins

Ukraine Crackdown Begins – SBU Detains Fighting Age Men At Donbass Checkpoint

29 November, 2018

LUGANSK, LPR – LuganskInform reports the following: SBU personnel have begun to detain and check all men of military age at the checkpoint at the line of contact at “Stanitsa Luganskaya” , heading to the LPR. This was reported in the Center for Public Relations (DSP) Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR.

Personnel of the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine are detaining all men of military age (up to 50 years old) en masse in order to clarify data on military records and enter registration data,” the report said

On November 28, residents of Lugansk, who crossed the line of demarcation in the Stanitsa Luhanska, turned to the hot line. The applicants reported illegal restriction of freedom of residents of the LPR in the areas occupied by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Men of conscription age are sent to the field offoces for “conversations and reconciliation of military records.” Security Service officers are also interviewing all the detainees, the Interior Ministry said.

They detain everybody – both boys and men, who are already under sixty. My grandfather and I went home (to Lugansk), they even looked at our documents like jackals. The young guys just take their hands and drag them into the trailers, as if we are going to run away from them. When we were still far in the queue, people discussed among themselves that someone was being detained there. At first they did not believe it, there are often various rumors that go, while the information comes in spurts, like the telephone game,” said one of the applicants.

We saw for ourselves how a young guy was pulled out of the queue and taken out with a man, probably his father, and turned back to Ukraine. They said: “You have nothing to do during the occupation, you will soon defend the homeland (Ukraine) with the machine guns. ” And his father, it is clear is over sixty. Is this what kind of homeland will they defend? Do they know there that Natsik (WWII nazi rule – ed) is over? ” – added another resident of the Republic.

The authorized representative of the LPR in the negotiations in Minsk, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Vladislav Daney, urged residents of the LPR the day before to refrain from visiting the territory of Ukraine during the period of martial law.

The reason for the introduction of martial law in Ukraine was the incident in the Kerch Strait area. Three Ukrainian warships — two armored boats and a tug — came out of Odessa on the morning of November 25, and tried to break into the Sea of ​​Azov through the Kerch Strait, ignoring the warnings of the Russian side. Russian border guards were forced to close the strait for navigation, and then open fire to force the ships to stop, with the result that three Ukrainian military were wounded. The ships were detained, the seamen received medical assistance. On the fact of the incident, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the night of November 25-26 convened a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC), where he stated the need to impose martial law for a period of 60 days. [The Rada approved 30, limited to certain areas of the country – ed J. Flores]

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