Friday 30 November 2018

The collapse of Ukraine: only 2% of population polled are happy with Euromaidan

This report from Russian Vesti news, not without sentiments of sympathy towards the Ukrainian PEOPLE is devastating.

SHOCKING Poll Results: Only 2% of Ukrainians Pleased With Results of Euromaidan!

It's late November, practically the 5th anniversary of Ukraine's so-called Euromaidan. Five years later, many details have become clear, like how Europe tricked the people on the Maidan. Who was shooting at the deceived, and how, in order to make the crowd that was getting bored rage at the sight of blood? Who managed to benefit from this con job, and who lost everything?

Kids Digging Trenches: Poroshenko’s Martial Law Turns Macabre as Panic Begins to Set In


Sweeping searches on the roads in Mariupol, Russian heavy trucks captured in Odessa region, an attack on a shopping mall in downtown Kiev. That's how Ukraine is getting used to living with martial law. Today, Poroshenko visited Chernigov: the first of the 10 regions to introduce martial law. And the reason for the introduction became clear at once: the president, who wants to be reelected, basically made an election tour out of this trip. Those who are too young to vote were sent to dig trenches at this moment.

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