Friday 23 November 2018

Attack on Chinese consulate in Pakistan

Chinese Consulate Attacked in Karachi, Pakistan

RT reports - 

An explosion and gunfire have been reported in the Pakistani city of Karachi, near the Chinese Consulate, in a possible terrorist attack.

According to local media, a group of three or four people attacked the consulate, shooting at the guards and blowing up the door with a hand grenade. Some reports say they managed to reach the roof of the building and launch more attacks from there. Shots and small explosions are being heard in the area, and a large security force has arrived at the scene.

Security sources cited by Reuters confirm there has been an attack on the Chinese Consulate. Police say two officers were killed and one person wounded during the attack. Local authorities told the media that the Chinese Consul General was unharmed during the attack.

Videos posted on social media show the neighborhood engulfed in smoke, with explosions and shots heard in the background.

One assailant, wearing a suicide vest, was killed, police confirmed.

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