Wednesday 28 November 2018

Were UK and Ukrainian special forces trying to blow up the bridge at Kerch?

When I first heard about the events at the entrance to the Sea of Azov 2 days ago I immediately thought of this article below from May this year, although I could not remember the details:

Ukraine should blow up Putin's Crimea bridge
Ukraine should now destroy elements of the bridge.

While that course of action would be an escalation against Putin and one that would almost certainly spark Russian retaliation, this bridge is an outrageous affront to Ukraine's very credibility as a nation. Of course, from Putin's perspective that's the whole point. The bridge cost Russia's near-bankrupt government billions of dollars, but it offers Putin a formal physical and psychological appropriation of Ukrainian territory.

Fortunately Ukraine has the means to launch air strikes against the bridge in a manner that would render it at least temporarily unusable. Because of its significant length, the Ukrainian air force could strike the bridge while mitigating the risk of casualties by those traversing it.

It is not at all difficult to believe the following story although at this stage it is mostly speculation for which there is no direct evidence.

I suspect that further evidence for this will come out in the next few days although it is possible that the Russian authorities may decide not to reveal the details of this heinous act  as it would provide "irrefutable proof of an ATTEMPTED, unprovoked, sneak-attack-nuclear-strike upon Russia Territory" 

Countries have gone to war for far less than this. 

Report that British and Ukrainian special forces were intercepted by Russian intelligence trying to blow up the Kerch Bridge

Hal Turner is saying that:

COVERT INTEL is buzzing with word that a NATO Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM), a Diver deployable device, was being transported by Ukrainian and British Special Forces to the Kerch Strait to be used against the Crimean bridge. 
Find information on the Special Atomic Demolition Munitions (SADM) HERE

He is reporting that the Russian intelligence authorities became aware of the plans and they were tracking the device was  loaded onto a Ukrainian Tug (escorted by 5 warships!! - 3 in the Black Sea, including one NATO vessel, and 2 waiting in the Sea of Azov).
According to this version of events ground attack jets and Helicopter gunships, plus a warship armed with Anti-Submarine Missiles and Torpedoes were waiting for the Ukrainians.
This is the first time that force has been used by the Russians since the events in Crimea in 2014, and they  have never blockaded the Sea of Azov.
It would have to be asked why the Russians would use such a degree of force
"just for a tug and a few old Ukrainian ships."
Russia is used to frequent provocations from the Ukrainians (to little effect)  but this time Russia decided to ACT.
Hal Turner says that:
An SADM explosion would have brought down the bridge and melted the foundations, but would have looked like a conventional IED blast from above, due to the underwater detonation and relatively low yield of less than 1KT.

This was a WW3 level provocation STOPPED by the Russian FSB and Special Forces!
 He is saying that the device may have come from the UK.
We have seeing incredibly aggressive and febrile rhetoric from Britain (second-to-none)

Device thrown overboard?
Further, Turner reports that he has indications ("intell") that the Ukrainians panicked when they realized the Russian vessels were coming to intercept them, and they THREW THE DEVICE OVERBOARD!   
The area is now full of vessels and scuba divers trying to find "a functional - albeit low yield - nuclear bomb" might be.
Just imagine for a minute if the Russians find what they are looking for.
The stakes on this are very high.  If such a device is found, that would be irrefutable proof of an ATTEMPTED, unprovoked, sneak-attack-nuclear-strike upon Russia Territory.

Why Poroshenko called for immediate martial law

According to Turner's reporting "intell" are saying and it makes some sense to speculate that all this is the reason Ukraine pancked and enacted immediate Martial law, calleling up Reserve troops, and is deploying those reserves to areas bordering Russia.  
They fear a land invasion as retaliation for what took place

Russia has undertaken increasied security measures: Zakharova

Official spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, commenting on the incident with the Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait, said that Moscow had taken increased security measures in connection with threats to destroy the Crimean Bridge.

The Russian side has taken increased security measures, and especially given the calls for the destruction, undermining, and so on of the Kerch bridge,” she said.

The diplomat also did not rule out new provocations by the Ukrainian authorities. According to her, Kiev is not able to control not only what is happening in foreign territorial waters, but also not able to dominate the territory of Ukraine.
Also, the representative of the Foreign Ministry, speaking on the TV channel "Russia 1", said that Moscow regrets the refusal of the UN Security Council to hold an urgent meeting on the situation in the Kerch Strait.
The following has come out from Vesti in the last hour or so.


  1. Heads up (video link below) - RT showing that Russia has moved to reinforce its protection of the bridge! An entire Battalion of anti-ship missiles is now being moved to Kerch to protect the bridge from any ships failing to stop (ie carrying devices). NATO 100% needs that bridge gone before they can move on Crimea. It is the only road, rail, water, and electric link to Crimea left - yes the bridge IS the only link as Ukraine cut off all land supply to Crimea (not reported in mainstram press) even blowing the power line pylons so they cant be restored. The bridge is of crucial strategic importance to keep Sevastopol supplied, hence why it is being targeted. If it all goes hot NATO will just take it down anyway, but there can only be one response to that, same as the resposnce to a US carrier being sunk - nuclear retaliation.

    1. Thank you for this useful information. I concur with what you have said.


    Is this Partial Official Disclosure regarding the Crimea Bridge bomb, now placed ON THE OFFICIAL RECORD?

    Extract from Official interview posted on Russian Foreign Ministry website (link at bottom):

    Have you managed to bring across to our European partners the truth on what really happened in the Black Sea, and not in the Sea of Azov, as they usually write? Have they finally heard our position?

    Sergey Lavrov:
    I think they could not but hear it because President Vladimir Putin, while meeting with President of France Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, personally explained “in lay terms” how all this happened, how the provocation had been planned and how its execution was attempted, as well as how responsibly the Russian border guards performed their functions trying to prevent any undesirable incidents. Regrettably, the [Ukrainian] agents and provocateurs, and the provocation carried out by two craft and a tug, was controlled by two Ukrainian Security Service officers who did their best to fulfil the order.........
    ...........President Putin personally told his interlocutors about this. I did not hear from them a response that would be based on different facts.

    Presidents Putin and Trump have held a short meeting after all. As for US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, was he evading you, or did he have to meet with you?

    Sergey Lavrov:
    Of course, I did not pursue him, and he did not try to meet with me. To be quite frank, I do not even know if he is here, because I have not seen the full US delegation. US National Security Adviser John Bolton said in a conversation with Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov, who deals with political matters, that they [the US administration] would like to resume and normalise our dialogue. We are ready to do this as soon as our colleagues are.

    Do you think there is a connection between the provocation in the Kerch Strait and the US cancellation of the planned meeting between our presidents?

    Sergey Lavrov:
    I don’t believe in the conspiracy theories. However, there have been too many coincidences, when a provocation that takes place ahead of a major event is used for fanning hysteria over sanctions. British Prime Minister Theresa May has demanded that Brussels further worsen its Russia policy, even though Britain has almost exited the EU.
    We know our partners very well, and we have masses of questions about the adequacy of their approach to serious problems. There are very serious and very real threats. The fight against these challenges cannot be improved by making sacrifices to immediate geopolitical considerations.

    When will President Putin and President Trump hold a full-scale meeting after all?

    Sergey Lavrov:
    I won’t even try to guess.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

    From a Report in Eastern Ukraine dated 06-12-18: An undersea drone was detected by Russian mine sweeper directly below the planned route the brand new missile Corvette 'Orekhovo-Zuevo', not far from the resort town of Anapa, which is just a few miles from the ships special military facility in Novorossiysk. Underwater drone appeared to be of western design and was carrying a conventional explosive. It was detected during a security operation following a tip off. It was disabled by specialist dive teams, and an attempt at recovery made, but the recovery was abandoned due to very high risk of explosion (potential anti-tamper device noted). Decision made to move drone away from boat route and lanes and then to detonate it as close to the coast as safe, so that forensic evidence could be preserved and recovered as easily as possible. It is believed even at this early stage that the attack was a FALSE FLAG provocation to be blamed on Ukraine, forcing a Russian military responce (following a now well established pattern of provocations).
    Link to official story and video:
    Link to details of a very similar but not as powerful drone:
    Link to the ship which was the target:
    NOTE - Russia are no longer responding to provocations publically. All evidence will be provided to a Haig style Court when the charges are filed next year. More links to follow when able


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