Saturday, 14 July 2018

Demonstration at Whitehall in support of Tommy Robinson

I wonder how the lamestream media will report (or if they will). They are actively supporting demonstrations against Donald Trump.

When do they ever support, let alone REPORT demonstrations against te Establishment.

When will the masses come out against Theresa May and her fascistic policies and will the media ever report it?

Tomorrow is the demonstration in support of Tommy Robinson

This piece from the Independent is pure propaganda ahead of tomorrow’s demonstration and is patent bullshit.

Lawyers to challenge far-right leader's 13-month prison sentence at Court of Appeal

Protests calling for far-right leader Tommy Robinson to be freed from prison are to be held in London during Donald Trump’s UK visit.

Several “Free Tommy” demonstrations have already taken place in Britain and around the world since he was jailed, including one that saw supporters perform Nazi salutes and attack police.

He will appeal his 13-month sentence at the Court of Appeal on 18 July.

Why was he jailed?

Robinson was jailed for committing contempt of court with a Facebook Live video broadcast from outside Leeds Crown Court on 25 May.

The case he was discussing was subject to blanket reporting restrictions imposed under the Contempt of Court Act to ensure that three linked trials did not collapse.

The Section 4 (2) order made it illegal for anyone, in any format, to publish information on the case until the last trial had finished.

Robinson was initially arrested on suspicion of breach of the peace, after heckling people entering Leeds Crown Court and trying to film the defendants.

But prosecutors made the decision to charge him with contempt of court after viewing video evidence and finding that Robinson was subject to a separate suspended sentence.

Robinson, who appeared in court under the name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, admitted the crime later the same day and was sentenced to 13 months imprisonment.

Judge Geoffrey Marson QC initially banned reporting of Robinson’s imprisonment but lifted the order following a challenge by The Independent and local media.

The judge activated a three-month sentence for a previous contempt of court offence that had been suspended by another judge in Canterbury on the condition that Robinson committed no further crimes.

Judge Marson added 10 months for the new offence, telling Robinson that he had violated restrictions aiming to ensure a fair trial.

Tommy Robinson supporters attack police with road signs and traffic cones
After watching the Facebook Live video in court, Judge Marson said it was also “highly prejudicial” to the defendants, adding: “I respect everyone’s right to free speech. That’s one of the most important rights that we have.

With those rights come responsibilities – the responsibility to exercise that freedom of speech within the law.

I am not sure you appreciate the potential consequence of what you have done.“

Robinson was defended by an experienced barrister, Matthew Harding, who confirmed to the court that his client was aware of the reporting restriction but believed he was not violating it because the information he used was in the public domain.

Mr Harding claimed Robinson felt “deep regret” after being told of the potential consequences of his video and said he had been at risk from other inmates while serving a previous prison term for mortgage fraud.

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