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8 May, 2017

St.Petersburg, Russia. An American naval warship offshore caused a massive response as it entered Russian waters without permission carrying offensive cruise missiles that can be used to deliver nuclear warheads to targets.

The ships of the Russian Baltic Fleet scrambled suddenly and left the port of St. Petersburg because of the proximity of the American destroyer with Tomahawk cruise missiles, local news sources announced today.

The day before, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the planned naval Victory Day parade would not be held, but it didn’t give any reasons for the cancellation, the US warship’s deployment now seems to be the driving factor in the decision.

The parade was cancelled because the US Navy destroyer USS Carney approached Russia’s coast at a distance sufficient for a potential missile strike into the Gulf of Gdansk with nuclear tipped cruise missiles.

The previous evening, at the Kronstadt port, where the Leningrad naval base is located, local observers reported a full military alarm was the response as sailors and officers scrambled to get under way on an emergency basis.

As part of the emergency response, ammunition was loaded on the three submarines and Morshansk missiles loaded on to ships and then the Russian battle group sailed into the Baltic Sea. In addition, the Stoykiy Corvette had its anti-aircraft system put in operational mode for any encounter of American forces.

An officer from the Baltic Fleet tried to calm local residents. He said that such a dispersal of warships into the sea is a normal response of the Russian Navy in the event of a threat for surprise missile attack.

According to the officer, moored along the peer in the Neva River, the Baltic ships are completely defenseless, but when they are at sea positioned in “anti-missile order” they can successfully repel an enemy strike and counterattack the American shpis.

The USS Carney is equipped with SPY-1D phased array radar and missiles that can reach extended ranges. Carney is also equipped with the US Navy’s latest Surface Warfare Combat System. Land attack cruise missile strike capability is provided by Tomahawk missiles. The Carney was upgraded to RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 capability in order to utilize the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System.

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