Monday, 8 May 2017

The moral turpitude of M. Macron

The large-scale leak of confidential data related to French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron continues to make headlines today, with some claiming to have found dubious information in the 9 gigabytes of files.

6 May, 2017

While the veracity of the leaks was unclear yesterday, it has apparently been confirmed by multiple outlets, including Reuters, which describes the drop as containing “emails and other campaign documents that Macron’s campaign said on Friday had been stolen.”

According to the BBC, the French media and public have been warned that spreading the data in advance of tomorrow’s election “would breach strict election rules and could bring criminal charges.”

But while the French are keeping relatively mum on the leaks, social media users from the United States are speaking about them loud and clear, sharing some information that – if true – could prove rather embarrassing for Macron.

For example, Got News claims to have found among the leaked files evidence that Emmanuel Macron is on the mailing list of ‘VestiareGay.’

Mailing lists like this are opt-in only,” the outlet claims. “This image was found in an e-mail addressed to Emmanuel Macron.”

The outlet also declares, “the rumors circulated about French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s inner circle are true,” in reference to apparently yet-unfounded allegations that Macron is gay.

Got News also claims to have found evidence that Macron’s senior campaign member Alain Tourret once ordered a “designer drug” using bitcoin.

Presenting the screenshot below, the outlet alleges that Tourret purchased MMC-3, “a combination of effects similar to ecstasy and crystal meth.”

He had his package sent to a government address, which may not be as reckless as it first appears,” states the outlet in an apparent reference to the address that has been blurred in the document screenshot above.

If this is sent to his public address, as opposed to a home address not known to the public, then, if caught, he can claim to be victims of a prank.”

The outlet goes on to cite this screenshot, which was allegedly “retrieved by researchers who are experts in illicit online transactions such as this drug purchase.”

The screenshot allegedly confirms that the transaction detailed in the previous screenshot took place.

Needless to say, allegations like these have caused quite a stir online – especially since conservative social media heavyweights like Mike Cernovich are discussing them.

According to AFP, current French President Francois Hollande has vowed “a response” to the massive hack.

The agency states that Hollande said, “we knew there were these risks during the presidential campaign because it happened elsewhere. Nothing will go without a response.”

The Independent, meanwhile, cites cyber intelligence firm Flashpoint’s director Vitali Kremez, who claims a group tied to a Russian military intelligence directorate is behind the leak.

The Independent

Got News

BREAKING: Macron emails lead to allegations of drug use, homosexual adventurism and Rothschild money

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