Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Reflecting on John Key's position in the latest poll

John Key’s down in the latest poll


Saw this headline come out this afternoon - 

Newshub poll: Key's popularity plummets to lowest level

John Key's popularity as Prime Minister has dropped to its lowest point since he took office in the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll.

Just 36.7 percent of those polled listed the current Prime Minister as their preferred option -- down 1.6 percent -- from a Newshub poll in November.

National though is steady on 47 percent on the poll -- a drop of just 0.3 percent -- and similar to the Election night result.

Well, I'll drink to that!

Hopefully it will take the smugness off his face for a while- 

My friend Stephen and I had a bit of a discussion and agreed that it’s good news to the extent that you can believe these things – polls and the like.

Is it really good news?

Shonkey has done untold damage since coming to power in 2008.

We may well not recover!

We had a brief spontaneous discussion on Shonkey’s legacy and these are some of the things we threw up - in no particular order of importance.

"Can't have this!"

  • And sensitive treatment of beneficiaries

  • Destroyed lakes and rivers

    New Zealand's pristine lakes - "no problem"

  • The Christchurch rebuild! 

"Don't forget tourism"
  • A city building a convention centre instead of rebuilding a liveable city

Donkey: "Now, this is what I call a liveable city"
  • Fiddling while the planet burns

    "More on our fabulous achievements below"

  • Many species on their way to extinction thanks to DoC cutbacks

  • Damp homes

  • Rampant corruption

  • Crony  capitalism

  • Armies of orange soldiers watching the city crumble further

  • Lying has become a way of life. We even hand out university degrees in lying). 

    But Donkey sets the standard

  • Bankrupt dairy farmers and farmer suicides.

    All this from a dairy industry that was thriving. 

    What an achievement!

  • Donkey's "rockstar economy" falls by the wayside – coal, dairy 

    What can we add to the list? What else is there?

Oh, yeah, finally.

Wow! I can point to one real achievement.

New Zealand's really punching above its weight and make its contribution towards the destruction life on the planet with its wonderful contribution to the Paris climate talks and its coal-powered stations.

Now Paula's continuing Tim the Grocer's legacy

Our wonderful minister of treaty negotiations who has a plan to make a plan on reducing carbon emissions and has disabused us of the illusion that we have a housing and homelessness crisis.

The New Zealand dream

Thank God for trickle down!

That leaves us with tourism and the CHRISTCHURCH REBUILD - Yeah! 

"Thank God for disasters. Perhaps we can organise another one (a terrorist attack perhaps?) before the next election, especially if things are looking a bit doubtful."

My response? Seriously?

But don't worry! 

At the end of the day John's comfortable 

In the end.

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