Tuesday 24 May 2016

Weathering the storm

I would like to recommend to you this release from a Wellington friend, Dido Dunlop

Storm weathering
A Workbook for our inner and outer climate

Here is a message from Dido

Dear Friends,

My book will be on Amazon on June 5th. So exciting! Some of you have waited years for this moment. If you plan to buy the book, I'd like to ask you a favour. Please could you buy it on Amazon on Sunday June 5th?

If enough people buy it on the same day, it goes on the bestseller list, and that would help others find it. If you know anyone else who might like to have one, please let them know about this date.

Many people said they want to give copies to friends, mothers and siblings. Please buy them on June 5th too.

Thank you in advance


Here’s what Romi, eco-pioneer and community builder, has to say about it:

Our friend Dido Dunlop stayed last week and we attended her meditation workshop here in Thames. Such a gift to be able to spend that time in deep meditation and reflection.

Dido has left us with a copy of her new book STORM WEATHERING - A Workbook for our Inner and Outer Climate:

So far I've only read the introduction and first few chapters, but I'm already so drawn in, impatient now to explore the workbook exercises. To become a  'confident voyager into the vast and varied landscapes of heart, mind and spirit'!

Dido shares the wisdom of her own journey and experience, weaves her story into her concerns for the planet and the changes that we are now seeing so clearly. She provides the tools to make us stronger, wiser and perhaps more active in speaking out.

An amazing book, with photos and Dido's artwork to strengthen the text.
Romi Curl 


storm pamphlet 1p pdf.pdf

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