Monday 30 May 2016

The Fort McMurray fires -05/29/2016

Fort McMurray Blaze Still Raging Out Of Control Nearly A Month After It Started

Credit NASA

29 May, 2016

Clear skies during the Suomi NPP satellite's pass over the Fort McMurray Fire area show the blaze is still raging in the Canadian Province of Alberta.

The Alberta Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry reports that the wildfire is now estimated to be over 522,892 hectacres in size (or 1,292,094 acres-- an area larger than the entire state of Rhode Island). There are currently 1,267 wildland firefighters, 57 helicopters, and 186 pieces of heavy equipment being used to battle the blaze, with more expected to arrive over the next few days.

In total, the province plans to add an additional 1,000 firefighters over the next two weeks.

The Fort McMurray wildfire continues to grow, and now covers over 580,663 hectares including 3,200 in Saskatchewan.

That's grown nearly 4,000 hectares since Friday.

Right now there are 17 wildfires burning in Alberta, but the Fort McMurray blaze is still the only one out of control.

There are also 2,267 firefighters battling the blazes in Alberta, thanks to reinforcements from around the world this week.

Those include 298 from South Africa and 199 from the United States.

Temperatures in Fort McMurray are expected to be moderate over the weekend, with some possible showers, which should give firefighters a bit of a break.

Fires around Ft McMurray, Alberta, Saskatchewan and elsewhere. A lot of fire season left. A warmer climate is enhancing fires. 
--- Harold Hensell

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