Thursday 26 May 2016

Nadezhda Savchenko released in prisoner swap

Putin’s poisoned gift to the Ukraine (first impressions – not an “analysis”)
Saker drawing from community
25 May, 2016

As most commentators had predicted, Putin has agreed to exchange Nadezhda Savchenko for 2 Russians citizens accused by the Junta of being terrorists.  To be honest, I am deeply disgusted by the fact that this rabid Nazi was allowed to walk free.  Of course, I understand that IF the two Russians captured by the Ukies were really any kind of intelligence officers, Putin just had to obtain their release.  

I am personally dubious that Alexandrov and Erofeev are really officers of the 3rd Spetsnaz GRU Brigade (which is what the Ukies claim), but that does not mean that this is impossible or even unlikely.  The GRU has most definitely deployed special forces in the Donbass region, so I would not dismiss this version completely.

Whatever may be the case, these two are now reunited with their wives:

We will never know why the Russian side has made such efforts to get Alexandrov and Erofeev back home.  They – and their families – claim that they were volunteers, that their “confessions” were extracted under torture and that they resigned from the Russian armed forces before going to the Donbass as volunteers.
Maybe.  Maybe not.  We will never know for sure.
The Russians did a superb PR job presenting the decision.  First, they showed President Putin receiving the relatives of the two journalists murdered by Savchenko asking for a pardon for her (not out of a sense of sympathy, of course, but to obtain the freedom of Alexandrov and Erofeev), and then the Russian media showed the footage of the wives of the two Russian reunited with their spouses before showing footage of Savchenko back in Kiev.  Fair enough.
Still, letting Savchenko go really bothers me.  First, she is truly the perfect symbol of the “Banderastani” Ukraine the Nazi junta is trying to build.  Simply put, she is one nasty and clearly rabid character.  Just listen to her (no translation needed)
Then take a look at the next video.  Check out Savchenko’s body language and demeanor while Poroshenko makes his speech (again, no translation needed).

Then take a look at the next video.  Check out Savchenko’s body language and demeanor while Poroshenko makes his speech (again, no translation needed).

Now, I am not a psychiatrist, but to my admittedly unprofessional eyes she looks like a rabid pit-bull on a mix LSD and crack cocaine.  She definitely belongs in some kind of cage.  And letting that kind of person go is plain wrong unless there is a very good reason for this.
Was there a very good reason in this case?
I don’t know (and neither does anybody else).
In the footage above Savchenko is literally oozing hatred and fanaticism, she also seems, well, simply “mental” (is that only me or do you also get that feeling?).  By the way, Savchenko also acted pretty crazy during her trial in Moscow (of course, this was not reported in the western press).  Upon arrival in Kiev, she left the aircraft barefoot and in a rather bellicose mood. And while this does not prove anything (barefoot walking is not listed in the DSM) this adds one more element to a rather crazy looking creature (sorry, I cannot call that a “lady”).
[Sidebar: For the record, the Russians did submit her to a psychiatric evaluation and found her to be sane.  Looking had her behavior I wonder how the Russians came to this conclusion…]
I mean – there are some really nasty characters in the Ukie junta, folks like Gerashchenko or Turchinov, but Savchenko also looks as crazy as Liashko, but also just nasty in a way that even Liashko is not.  No wonder she tortured an Orthodox priest herself.
What is certain is that this creature will generate a great deal of “action” in what is left of the Ukraine.  The poor Ukie oligarchs must already be getting cold sweats and panic attacks at the thought of dealing with this harpy.  Because, make no mistake, Savchenko is the real deal through and through – a bona fideNazi, a rabid hate-filled nationalist, and a person with the ideological “purity” of a Trotsky or a Himmler.  I don’t see Savchenko putting up with the current oligarchy in power.
So maybe her liberation is Putin’s poisoned gift to the Ukraine?  After all, it is the current junta, and the oligarchy which supports it (more or less), which turned Savchenko into a national hero (the Ukies compare her to Joan of Arc – I kid you not!).  So let them “enjoy” their hero, no?  Let her screaming and hate-filled face become the symbolic face of this regime and of what is left of the Ukraine.  That is only fair.
Of course, the usual Putin-hating crowd will present that as “yet another concession to the West, yet another proof that Putin is a pushover and that Russian is ruled by the Zionists”.    Since they pretty much say that every time Putin does anything, I basically ignore them.
All in all, I am feeling rather nauseated by this entire deal.  I hope that the junta chokes on that “hero” of theirs.
The Saker

The West's great "heroine" - al-Jazeera

Nadezhda Savchenko, jailed over deaths of two Russian journalists, returns to Ukraine after prisoner swap.
Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko has called on citizens of Russia to "raise themselves from their knees" shortly after being freed from Moscow following a two-year imprisonment for her role in the conflict against pro-Russian rebels.

Savchenko said on Wednesday that if Russians wanted peace with Ukraine, they had to defy the government

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